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Keith Paulin - Group General Manager

Keith Paulin – Group General Manager

Why does SEO appeal to me so much? It's a perfect balance between the analytical and the appeals to both my left and right brain. ...

Leah Rise Director - Search & Social

Leah Rise - Director Search & Social

SEO means power. Not only power to the businesses who have proper SEO practices in place but power to those who know how to implement them.

Bernard Somja - Director Digital Advertising

Bernard Somja – Director Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising helps you build, shape, maintain, own the online space. And if you don’t, you can be sure your competitors will.

Sebastian Paulin - Director Ecommerce Strategy

Sebastian Paulin – Director Ecommerce Strategy

SEO is about understanding your online customer - how they think, how they behave and, most importantly, how they define their online experience.

Senior Business Analyst - SEO - Christelle Cubizolles

Christelle Cubizolles - Senior Business Analyst

SEO requires a balanced mix of analytic/data crunching skills, creative flair for content writing and personal skills for link building - all parts of the brain are involved!

Senior Business Analyst - Doreen Brown

Doreen Brown – Senior Business Analyst

SEO to me means bringing a client’s ideas and concepts to the forefront for a specific audience to access and appreciate.

Business Analyst - SEO - Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe – Business Analyst

SEO is a strategic tactic that allows us to bend the search engine’s just enough to break through.

Peter Davidson - Business Analyst

Peter Davidson – Business Analyst

When executed properly, an SEO strategy is one of the most cost effective ways to produce leads and sales for business. It provides a strong foundation for marketing your business & dominating your chosen niche long term.

Steve Pronger - Business Analyst

Steve Pronger – Business Analyst

Why do I love SEO? It's hugely challenging and rewarding! There's nothing more satisfying than watching a page surge up the rankings.

Senior Digital Media Analyst - Anna O'toole

Anna O'Toole – Senior Digital Media Analyst

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in Search Engines through optimising the website content...

Digital Media Analyst - Natalie Athanasiadis

Natalie Athanasiadis – Digital Media Analyst

SEO is about staying a step ahead of competitors in organic search results and creating a great web presence.

Digital Media Analyst - Emily Culclasure

Emily Culclasure – Digital Media Analyst

SEO means trying to crack the code to search engine algorithms and using that knowledge to develop quality content for your clients’ websites.

Digital Media Analyst - Freya Tonka

Freya Tonks - Digital Media Analyst

SEO is making a connection between a business and their target audience. It is raising a clients visibility and providing an answer a consumer...

Alexander Wise - Digital Media-Analyst

Alexander Wise – Digital Media Analyst

SEO is a strategy for making web content accessible to the people who would be most interested in it.


Lani Gregory – Digital Media Analyst

SEO means helping businesses attract, engage and retain customers through organic search. It’s combining and satisfying the needs of both the search engines and the people searching.

Project Manager - Marisa South

Marisa South – Project Manager

SEO appeals to me as I love achieving results for my clients and having the opportunity to help my client’s businesses grow and succeed.

Jess Archer - Senior Web Developer

Jess Archer – Senior Web Developer

Good SEO helps to makes the websites that I design and develop as appealing to Search Engines as they are to humans.

Senior Web Developer - Gleidson Moreira

Gleidson Moreira – Senior Web Developer

What does SEO mean to me? I see SEO as marketing a web site for search engines in a similar manner as marketing a product...

Sylvia Slokker - Web Developer

Sylvia Slokker – Senior Web Developer

As a web developer at seoWorks, SEO for me is about developing websites that achieve a balance of looking great but also rank well in Search Engines.

Naomi Ngo - Senior Web Developer

Naomi Ngo – Senior Web Designer

SEO for me is all about conversion. It’s not just about driving traffic to a website. It’s about attracting better targeted traffic that will buy your product and services and grow your online revenue.

Web Designer - Sok Lay

Sok Lay – Web Designer

SEO is about increasing a website’s ranking in Search Engines. The higher ranked a website is, the more chance it will be viewed by a user. This results in a better targeted audience...

Vienna Chen - Technical Support-Specialist

Vienna Chen - Technical Support Specialist

SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to search engines by potential customers... SEO is the best way to get our website promoted.

Business Administrator - Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee – Business Administrator

SEO simply means better rankings of a website for relevant keywords or keyword phrases, increased traffic, finding the right product or service through targeted landing pages...


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