Australian SEO Companies – Why You Should Choose Locally

Reasons why you should employ an SEO company based in Australia. In SEO local knowledge is of great importance – just as with any other marketing technique.

When it comes to local SEO, hiring a company familiar with SEO in Australia is the only viable choice. On face value, employing a company offshore may seem to be better for your bottom line but does it make business sense to employ a company not familiar with the local market? Here are 7 reasons why you should employ an Australian SEO company and keep your business local.

Knowledge of local market: A local SEO consultant or SEO agency will have a much better understanding of the Australian market and it will be more adept of competitor’s practices. An Australian SEO company will have its finger firmly on the pulse of local SEO activity and be able to tailor localised campaigns to capture the local market.

Knowledge of local language: Speaking the local language and understanding fine differences is of great importance – for instance, terms used in the UK or the US might vary in Australia and SEO campaigns may vary in different countries. For example, in Australia we use the term ‘university’ whereas in the US, they prefer to use the term ‘college’.

Knowledge of local slang and idioms: A local SEO company would have a unique understanding of the slang and colloquial words that are distinctive to the Australian culture which would be unfamiliar to offshore SEO companies. This would include words for example like ‘doona’ which is used commonly in Australia to describe a quilt.

Locally targeted campaigns: A lot of use of language is connected to culture – for an agency or a consultant removed from that culture, it may be difficult to advise on the right language and keyword selection which will enable you to effectively target and communicate with your online audience.

Understanding of local culture and holidays: When creating landing pages for special offers for seasonal campaigns for example, it is important to be aware of public holidays and events significant to Australia. SEO activities must reflect for example that certain public holidays that are isolated to certain states and territories or held on different days.

Local link building campaigns: It is important to obtain links and build relationships with websites from your geographical market. Hence, you should seek relationships with local websites in Australia. SEO agencies based in Australia will have a much better knowledge of ‘local’ authority sites* than an ‘outsider’ and moreover, will probably be more culturally adept in the way of how to approach such a website.

Knowledge of local laws: Depending on what your industry, it is often necessary to understand and know about certain regulations and laws across Australia’s different states and territories. In Australia, you need to have an Australian Business Name (ABN) to be eligible for an Australian domain name ie This could be a fact little known to SEO companies outside of Australia.

seoWorks has SEO experts based Australia-wide who are ready to assist you in creating local SEO campaigns and reaching the local market. Contact us to speak to one of our consultants and find out how we increase your sales by optimising your website for the local Australian market and improving your Australian SEO.