SEO Companies – Why Cheap SEO Isn’t Always Better

There is a saying in life that you get what you pay for – find out how this applies to the best SEO companies.

Cheap SEO is not always better when it comes to deciding who the best SEO companies are. On face value, it may seem more economical to hire a cheap SEO company but it may prove to be a bad investment if you are not achieving the results you want. In the long term, it is more cost-effective to hire a quality SEO agency who is contributing to your bottom line. Here are six factors you should weigh up when choosing an SEO firm.

Tailored SEO packages

The best SEO companies will be able to offer you tailored and tiered SEO packages which are customized to your company and/or target segments. Often cheaper SEO companies offering SEO packages at discounted prices are able to do so because they have one-size-fits-all packages which are based on standard keyword searches, directory submissions and link building which are not designed specifically for your organization.

Ethical (white hat) SEO strategies

Search Engines such as Google set down Webmasters Guidelines to help them find, index, and rank your site. These are known in the industry as white hat SEO techniques and this will be practiced by only the best SEO companies. If you take the risk of using cheap SEO companies who do not follow Search Engine guidelines and use black hat SEO techniques, your website could be penalized or even banned by the Search Engines.

Quality link building campaigns

JC Penney raised public ire when they used a cheap SEO company to create their link building campaign. The company used link farms to artificially boost their Search Engine rankings – this is a black hat SEO technique (see above). You cannot stop a website from creating backlinks to your site but a professional SEO company will create a quality link building campaign based around websites that are trustworthy, credible and authoritative.

Improved conversion rates

The end goal of SEO is not to just drive traffic to a website; it is to increase a company’s conversion rate. Cheaper SEO companies that guarantee page 1# rankings may be targeting keywords that are too niche, broad or have low levels of competition – there is little point in ranking on page #1 for keywords that have low conversion rates. The best SEO companies will focus on a keyword portfolio that result in quality lead generation.

Long term results

Quality SEO campaigns are designed to achieve long-term results. If a cheap SEO company offer you results in short period of time, this should raise a red flag about the trustworthiness of the company. A new website or Web page may take up to three months to rank for competitive keywords but if the SEO campaign is maintained by an SEO consultant or in-house, this should result in long-term, steady and continual growth.

Preserving brand credibility

As JC Penney found out the hard way, when they used a cheap SEO company to create their link building campaign, not only was their website penalized by Google, their reputation and credibility as a company suffered as a result of the SEO debacle. Your SEO company may be a third-party but like any other marketing agency, their actions indirectly reflect on your organization so choose wisely when hiring an SEO agency.

Companies who sacrifice and compromise quality for cheaper SEO services do so at a price. SEO Works may not be one of the cheapest SEO companies on the market but we have proven experience in developing tangible results for our long-term and high-profile clientele. Contact us at SEO Works so we can discuss our customized SEO plans and discover why we are considered to be one of the best SEO companies in Australia.