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Our genuinely independent best SEO Companies list…

How do you choose the best SEO company to help you with your website? Start by your knowing their own SEO rankings.

Let’s face it, if an SEO Company can rank well for the top 20 “SEO” keyword phrases, then there is a is a pretty good chance that they know what they are doing and that their SEO Services can get the best results for your website too.

Here is our list of the best SEO Companies in Melbourne based on our independent, seoWorks™ Methodology. An SEO Company can’t buy their way on to this list unlike what happens on other “top SEO Company” or “best SEO services” sites…they have to EARN their spot on our list based on their own SEO performance.

# SEO Company Visibility %
1 56.5
2 49.1
3 46.2
4 38.4
5 34.1
6 33.0
7 27.9
8 25.6
9 25.2
10 24.0
11 23.5
12 23.0
13 22.5
14 17.5
15 17.3
16 16.2
17 16.0
18 15.9
19 15.7
20 14.8

Naturally, you should still conduct your own due diligence, after all, it is not just your website that they are to be trusted with, it is likely your entire business and professional reputation too.

To help you frame your decision making process, take a moment to review our handy “How SEO Works” and “How DO Search Engines Work” guides as well as our “How To Choose The Best SEO Company” cheat sheet. Choose wisely and choose well.

The Best of Melbourne, Australia

If you’re planning to move to Melbourne, Australia to start a business, you should know that SEO is just as important there as it is in the U.S. and Canada.

No matter where you live, you’ll need to find quality SEO services to ensure it’s done with white hat principles to avoid search engine penalties. One great thing about Melbourne is that it’s a thriving hub for business.

Before you officially lay down stakes there, take a look at the best of what the city has to offer.

The Best Restaurants in Melbourne


Located inside the Adelphi Hotel, EZARD is an upscale and modern Melbourne-based restaurant serving modern Australian meals. They’ve placed this unique restaurant in the basement of the hotel with a sleek design and bar.

Because this place is very popular, reservations are highly recommended. You can also use vouchers to use for anything on the menu.

Check out the diversity of their menu, which includes international cuisine like Japanese dishes.


To give you an example of how many international restaurants are available in Melbourne, Maha serves Middle Eastern fare. Chef Shane Delia is the star here behind the creative dishes encompassing not only Middle East cuisine, but also Mediterranean.

Their menu is known for being progressive. Try this if you want to educate yourself on food from another culture. They cater to all dietary requirements, so those of you with food allergies can take heart.


Here you’ll find a trendy and slightly more affordable restaurant located in an industrial chic basement space. Coda serves Vietnamese cuisine with an Asian Infusion menu.

Be sure to ask the wait staff about your food selections so you achieve the best dining experience. This is truly adventurous eating, though this is what makes dining in Melbourne exciting.

The Best Hotels in Melbourne

The Westin Melbourne

You can’t get more luxurious than staying in The Westin Melbourne (part of the Marriott chain), complete with refined rooms. This hotel is very tech-savvy, including providing iPod docks.

When you stay here, you’re right in the middle of the Central Business District. Everything is around you for a fun day and evening, including Regent Theatre.

Amenities abound, including a fitness center and indoor pool. It’s well worth the approx. $264 per night rate.

The Langham Melbourne

A slightly more affordable five-star hotel, the Langham Melbourne is abundant in elegance, including river and city views. Located near the Southbank Promenade, it’s an ideal spot for walking-distance activities.

The Langham provides various signature offers you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Some of these include complimentary extra nights, breakfast served in bed, or 10% discounts on rooms if you book early.

The Hotel Windsor

Rooms in this hotel have very sophisticated designs, even though it’s fairly affordable for the right budget.

This is also one of the oldest hotels in Melbourne, having been built in 1883. All historic details have been kept intact so you can feel like you’re time-traveling back to the earliest days of Australia before it was even independent.

The Best Things to See and Do in Melbourne

Thanks to some of the hotels mentioned above, you can see many of Melbourne’s can’t-miss attractions.

If you love parks and gardens, there’s a lot of them. Port Campbell National Park is a must-see, as is the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Museums include the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Melbourne Museum.

Don’t miss out on the Melbourne Zoo, as well as the Shrine of Remembrance for WWI veterans.

The Best Quotes About Melbourne

Australia has held a significant place in the imagination of writers and other notables. Quotes are abundant about the city, and here’s a few to show you what’s been said:

“I like the fact that Melbourne always seems to support their chefs and promote them in ways I find really admirable.”–Anthony Bourdain

“Melbourne is wonderfully altered since I last saw it. There are some very fair buildings in it now, and things are a little cheaper than they used to be.”William John Wills

“Melbourne is the kind of town that really makes you consider the question ‘Is there life after death?”–Bette Midler

Why do we publish these Best SEO Company lists?

For over 15 years seoWorks has been a Top SEO Company, providing Custom SEO Services and SEO Packages to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small Businesses.

So, why publish the lists?

Simple really. SEO has become a huge business, and we are so confident in our own services that we think that we should present options to our potential clients, so they can decide. In reality, we simply heard one too many tales of woe from unhappy clients who had unwittingly made the wrong choice before coming to us.