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How do you choose the best SEO company to help you with your website? Start by your knowing their own SEO rankings.

Let’s face it, if an SEO Company can rank well for the top 20 “SEO” keyword phrases, then there is a is a pretty good chance that they know what they are doing and that their SEO Services can get the best results for your website too.

Here is our list of the best SEO Companies in Montreal based on our independent, seoWorks™ Methodology. An SEO Company can’t buy their way on to this list unlike what happens on other “top SEO Company” or “best SEO services” sites…they have to EARN their spot on our list based on their own SEO performance.

# SEO Company Visibility %
1 55.2
2 42.9
3 39.5
4 37.8
5 37.6
6 26.5
7 21.0
8 20.6
9 19.2
10 18.1
11 18.1
12 17.5
13 16.7
14 14.3
15 13.2
16 12.9
17 12.2
18 11.6
19 10.6
20 10.6

The Best Of Montreal Canada

As a business owner, you need to understand search engine optimization. SEO is essential if you want your business to be seen (and win against) all of the other businesses in Montreal Canada. It is even more important as you compete with online businesses too!

However, Montreal Canada isn’t all about work. Here are some recommendations for the best restaurants, hotels, and things to do while you are visiting or living here.

The Best Restaurants in Montreal Canada

The number one restaurant in Montreal is Restaurant Tandem. It offers local cuisine, along with French, European, and Fusion food. It is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Don’t know where to start? Choose the five-course tasting menu, and you can’t go wrong!

The Regine Cafe is another place where you can’t go wrong. It offers a delicious breakfast and brunch option, as well as Canadian meals. It caters to special diets, offering vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free meals.

If you are looking for a quick bite, you need to check out Espace Cafe & Espresso Bar. It offers quick meals (and espresso) for busy people in a cozy environment.

The Best Hotels in Montreal Canada

Situated in downtown Montreal, Hôtel Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-Ville offers accommodations with a sleek and modern feel to them. They offer guests a continental breakfast, a fully equipped fitness centre, and much more! It is perfect for travelers who are going to the Montreal Convention Centre because it is right across the street.

InterContinental Montreal is a four-star luxury hotel. It includes free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee making facilities, cable and videos on demand (with a flat-screen TV), and complimentary toiletries. Each room also boasts a refrigerator, an in-room safe, and even bathrobes. There is an indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, and spa. It also has plenty of business facilities including meeting rooms and conference spaces.

Hotel Bonaventure Montréal is another four-star hotel. It offers flat-screen TVs, coffee maker, black-out curtains, and free Wi-Fi. You can visit the rooftop pool and garden. It also has business facilities. There are a few options for eating, including one that is poolside.

The Best Things to See and Do in Montreal Canada

Mount Royal is a landmark mountain in Montreal. It offers a park that is open all year round, as well as a lookout with amazing views of Montreal. You can’t miss the views when you visit this amazing city.

If you enjoy looking at old churches, you can’t miss Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. Built in 1824, this massive church is a Gothic Revival church with vibrant stained glass. It is a popular church for concerts.

Old Port of Montreal is a popular complex filled with shops and activities. Located on the river, there is something for everyone. There are restaurants, stores, art exhibits, events, and activities throughout the year.

The Best Quotes About Montreal Canada

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country.” John Diefenbaker (former Prime Minister)

“I love Canada. It’s a wonderful political act of faith that exists atop a breathtakingly beautiful land.” Yann Martel

“We have it all. We have great diversity of people. We have a wonderful land, and we have great possibilities. So all of these things combined there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Bob Rae, former politician

Naturally, you should still conduct your own due diligence, after all, it is not just your website that they are to be trusted with, it is likely your entire business and professional reputation too.

To help you frame your decision making process, take a moment to review our handy “How SEO Works” and “How DO Search Engines Work” guides as well as our “How To Choose The Best SEO Company” cheat sheet. Choose wisely and choose well.

Why do we publish these Best SEO Company lists?

For over 15 years seoWorks has been a Top SEO Company, providing Custom SEO Services and SEO Packages to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small Businesses.

So, why publish the lists?

Simple really. SEO has become a huge business, and we are so confident in our own services that we think that we should present options to our potential clients, so they can decide. In reality, we simply heard one too many tales of woe from unhappy clients who had unwittingly made the wrong choice before coming to us.