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Our genuinely independent best SEO Companies list…

How do you choose the best SEO company to help you with your website? Start by your knowing their own SEO rankings.

Let’s face it, if an SEO Company can rank well for the top 20 “SEO” keyword phrases, then there is a is a pretty good chance that they know what they are doing and that their SEO Services can get the best results for your website too.

Here is our list of the best SEO Companies in Toronto based on our independent, seoWorks™ Methodology. An SEO Company can’t buy their way on to this list unlike what happens on other “top SEO Company” or “best SEO services” sites…they have to EARN their spot on our list based on their own SEO performance.

# SEO Company Visibility %
1 55.6
2 54.8
3 38.7
4 36.0
5 34.9
6 34.4
7 34.3
8 33.3
9 33.0
10 30.6
11 24.4
12 19.4
13 18.7
14 17.9
15 16.8
16 16.8
17 14.3
18 14.3
19 13.2
20 12.5

Naturally, you should still conduct your own due diligence, after all, it is not just your website that they are to be trusted with, it is likely your entire business and professional reputation too.

To help you frame your decision making process, take a moment to review our handy “How SEO Works” and “How DO Search Engines Work” guides as well as our “How To Choose The Best SEO Company” cheat sheet. Choose wisely and choose well.

The Best Of Toronto Ontario

You already know by now that SEO is important and delivers the most cost effective ROI in digital marketing; whilst finding the Best SEO Company in Toronto is critical to your success online, we also take this opportunity to celebrate some of the other best things that Toronto has to offer – check out our own recommendations for the best restaurants, hotels and things to see and do in Toronto.

Best Restaurants Toronto

Richmond Station

Richmond Station is a neighborhood restaurant located in the heart of Toronto. The co-owner is a Top Chef Canada winner. They’re well-known for their delicious food as well as their excellent hospitality.


Alo offers a French tasting menu of that offers a number of high-quality ingredients. The relaxed atmosphere is located on top of a Victorian-era building.

George Restaurant

George Restaurant offers a variety of inventive tasting menus. There is a strong emphasis on local ingredients. The space is refined and includes a secluded courtyard. Reservations are always highly recommended.

Best Hotels Toronto

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is an upscale hotel found in the center of downtown. 1372 rooms are available to choose from. Plus, the hotel is within walking distance of many top attractions. A café and restaurant are also located on premises.

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Mercer

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Mercer offers a convenient location in downtown Toronto. It is close to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport as well as the entire Entertainment District. The urban oasis offers different types of rooms to choose from. There is also a restaurant, bar, and meeting spaces available on property.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel

The Marriott City Centre Hotel is a modern hotel built into a Rogers Centre, a sports stadium. An indoor swimming pool and a restaurant are found on premises. You are also close to Scotiabank Arena, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and CN Tower. Rooms and suites are available.

Best Things to See & Do In Toronto

Toronto is one of the top cities in Ontario, Canada. As the capital, you will find plenty of stunning skyscrapers as well as attractions that will entertain the entire family. CN Tower should be at the top of the list as it provides you with an observation tower to see all of downtown Toronto. A glass floor and a revolving eatery add to the excitement of this building. The Royal Ontario Museum is full of all sorts of art and world culture. You can learn about some of the history within this museum, one of the largest in Canada. Plus, the architectural style of the museum alone is absolutely breathtaking with hints of Romanesque Revival.

The Toronto Islands is a fun thing to see and do, too. There is a chain of 15 islands that are located across the harbor from Toronto. Various activities are found, including an amusement park and beaches.

Best Quotes About Toronto

“This is a tastemaker town. I feel people have always said if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere but I truly believe that applies to Toronto as well.” – Mark Wahlberg

“I didn’t realize Toronto was so beautiful. Everywhere you go you see beautiful architecture.” – Kevin Costner

“There’s a crazy energy in Toronto. I think some of that may be from being a border from where I’m from and being so close.” – G-Eazy

Enjoy these experiences in Toronto Ontario and discover that whilst SEO is indeed important, these and many more great experiences are there to be enjoyed once your SEO is in good hands and you start to reap the rewards from the success of your SEO strategy.

Why do we publish these Best SEO Company lists?

For over 15 years seoWorks has been a Top SEO Company, providing Custom SEO Services and SEO Packages to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small Businesses.

So, why publish the lists?

Simple really. SEO has become a huge business, and we are so confident in our own services that we think that we should present options to our potential clients, so they can decide. In reality, we simply heard one too many tales of woe from unhappy clients who had unwittingly made the wrong choice before coming to us.