The Best SEO iPhone Apps

Got an Apple iPhone and want to check your SEO? Here are 7 useful SEO iPhone apps.

Got an Apple iPhone and want to check your SEO when mobile? Whether you’re new to SEO or an experienced professional, here are 7 SEO iPhone apps with different price points and features you may find helpful to optimize your website on the go.

SEO Stats – Free

This app delivers real-time stats on your website’s indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as statistics like unique visitors and page views. The developers are promising to bring out a premium version with even more functionality with features such as a keyword analysis tool, a SERP checker, a saved sites feature and much more.

SEO Submit Pro – $0.99

Unbeatable at the price, this app allows you to submit your URL to the top search engines. The only downside is that the app doesn’t allow for email verification which may be required by some search engines for submission. However, if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive solution to perform SEO right from your mobile device, then SEO Submit Pro is for you.

Pokeseo – $0.99

Pokeseo’s claim to fame is that it was the first SEO reporting app for the Apple iPhone. Now you can check your Google PageRank and reported backlinks for your domain or a competitor’s domain at any time in search engine websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. Features of this app are auto updating, built-in email support so you email reports to your colleagues and an easy to use interface. The downside is that the statistics can be inconsistent but it’s a good app for the price and what it offers.

SEO IT – $4.99

This is a great SEO app for checking your statistics in transit. You can check link backs to your website, HTML source code, page titles, meta data and key words just to name a few features. One of the flaws, in an otherwise helpful app, is that the backlink tool data is not always reliable, but the on-page analysis alone make this app a good buy. In upcoming versions, you will be able to submit to directories, send an email requesting a link, get optimization suggestions, and get an overall optimization score for each keyword and much more. This is great value for the price.

SEO Check – $5.99

This app’s main function is to check the keywords that your website or a competitor is using to increase its search engine ranking. You can access your keyword ranking data, an unlimited amount of keywords and websites and the app displays the data with helpful charts and graphics. It also remembers your previous searches so you can track trends or the performance of specific keywords. There is also an SEO Check Lite version available for free with fewer features.

proSEO – $9.99

proSEO uses a Safari-like browser and has a ‘Source Code Analysis’ feature that gives you the ability to break down the source code of any page on the internet by meta tags, total tag counts, title tag text and a view of the underlying code. The ‘Body Text Analysis’ is a report of the stop word radio percent, a total word account with stop words and tells you how many keyword phrases are present by the length of phrase. The other breakdowns allow you to view the anchors, link text of a page as well as the image and alt tags.

SEO Automatic – $9.99

This app is a handy SEO tool that fits in the palm of your hand. This app evaluates nearly everything you would want to look at regarding on-page SEO, and usually completes the analysis in about 45 seconds. The analysis includes the title, description, keyword and header tags but also has advanced options to look at your alt tags, Robots.txt file, internal links and external links, design issues, duplicate pages and more. This tool tells you exactly where you stand on these things, and in most cases, tells you how to fix them too. This app is a bit more expensive but like everything in this world, you get what you pay for.

These are just some of the various SEO apps available for the Apple iPhone. While it’s not recommended to base your SEO business from these apps, you will find them useful when talking to a client, you’re in a meeting or away from your computer. To find out more information about these apps or to discover other useful SEO apps for your Apple iPhone, visit the Apple website. (