Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques To Increase ROI

In today’s online marketing world it isn’t enough just to get people to your website in order to make a sale.

In today’s online marketing world it isn’t enough just to get people to your website in order to make a sale. As competition online has increased significantly, it is important that you harness every visitor that you have.

Even if visitors don’t purchase from you, it is important to make sure that every visitor has provided some insights for your online marketing strategy.

This can be achieved with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO allows you to setup multiple variations of design layouts, sales copy, images and website functionality to see which converts better.

The important thing to know is there is no magic formula for CRO. Having a blue button won’t get 17% more conversions than a red button on all sites. All you can do is employ best practice and see how your users interact. Sometimes to results are counter intuitive, but then again so is human nature.

Here are some tips on what you should try and optimize on your site today.

Inline Validation


Don’t you hate it when you spend 5 minutes filling out a form only to get that error message saying “you completed xyz incorrectly”. Inline validation removes that frustration by showing users what they haven’t complete correctly or what needs to be completed.




Creative Copy In The Call To Action

Creating unique Call To Action (CTA) copy will mean that users actually read your copy. Everyone subconsciously doesn’t read buttons that say “Join Now” or “Sign Up” but if your button says “Free Kittens” people will read it.

Good Examples of weird CTA’s are “Let’s Do This”, “Yes I Want That” and “I’m In”. Try to make your copy as personal as possible. Below is an example of different test buttons run on a site.


Delete Coupon Code Fields

Sorry, but a percentage of your users are clicking off your site to try and save a few dollars by finding a coupon voucher only to never return. Either remove the coupon field completely or hide it.

Add Benefits Around CTA’s

Adding product benefits around your CTA’s will lower the buyer’s resistance. We all love a “money back guarantee” “free shipping” or “breakfast included” so make sure your visitors know this at the point of sale.


Large Purchases Need More Information

The reason your website exists is to sell your products or services 24/7, so make sure that you are using this to your advantage. Some products have a large sale price or a complex sales process which can only be made easier with more information. People need lots of validation to purchase a high ticket item so make sure you show all the benefits and remove any objections that might arise.

Highlight Your Top Sellers

We all love social proof so make sure that you showcase your top selling products. Also don’t forget that your top selling products are normally your highest converting so it should be an easier sale.


Keep High ROI Products Above The Fold

This follows on from showcasing your top sellers. Remember that above the fold is your highest valued real estate and you need to maximize revenue from this area.

Experiment With First And Second Person CTA’s

Some sites tend to work better with first person CTA’s like “Yes, I want to join” or “I’m in”. However there is also sites that perform better with second person CTA’s like “Get your eBook now” or “Great, you’re ready to start”. Test it out and see what the results say.

Add Urgency




These days the results are showing that adding urgency is performing better, and it is reflected on many of the larger e-commerce sites such as Add specific terms like “only 3 left” “Order now to receive your products tomorrow” or” “Order now and receive an extended one year warranty” will definitely create urgency and increase conversions.


Price Anchoring


Pricing anchoring is an effective sales tool that allows you to increase the perceived value of your products whilst maintaining your current prices. The best way to do this is to display the recommended retail price and then highlight your current prices.

So there you have it, some tips and tricks to boost conversions. When is the best time to start implement this? Today.




As time (and traffic) is needed to test multiple variations best to harness this now and the results will speak for themselves in a few months. Once you start down this path you will never stop as there is so many things to test, be prepared for some changes in your website and some surprises you wouldn’t have expected.

Also make sure that you don’t just rely on CRO software for continual improvements. Hardcode the optimal layout/design/copy into the front end of your site as CRO software is quite slow and will affect page download speeds which ironically decreases conversions.

To discover more about how seoWorks can help you grow targeted website visitors that convert, contact us today…you will be pleasantly surprised at the results we have achieved for clients around the world.