Ethical SEO Services – Gangnam Style

Who said SEO is all about dull algorithms and pleading for links – it’s time for Gangnam Style SEO…

With over 530 million views on YouTube and 4.5 million “likes” Gangnam Style has rocked the world with PSY’s unique and easy to learn dance moves. We take a look at how these moves can relate to Good as well as Bad SEO practices and the Search industry as a whole.

Ethical SEO Gangnam style
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The Sunglasses

Bad: Some SEO’s may hide behind the glamour and mystery of search engine optimization, promising how valuable it can be for a website but may not deliver the results you expected.

Good: An ethical SEO company would instead take off the sunglasses and be upfront and truthful about what they do, be honest about what their expectations are for their client’s website. SEO doesn’t have to be a mystery.

The Horse

Bad: As with the cowboys, some SEO’s may take your hard earned dollars and race away with them, leaving you and your website in their dust.

Good: For ethical search marketers, the horseback represents the constant feeling of being in a race. We compete with many other sites to get ours or our clients’ on top and when we are near the finish line that is when the race gets tougher.

The Cowboy

Bad: There are lots of cowboys out there in the industry, some are better than others and some may try to lasso you with their words and tricks.

Good: Being a cowboy might not be a bad thing all the time – there are always more lucrative keywords to nail and better rankings to achieve in the Wild Wild Web, and with our own tools and techniques tying them down is a lot easier.

The Finale

Bad: For some in the industry, they finish before they even get into the race – some give up or some apply unethical black hat techniques, provide quick and dirty results and then quit before your site gets penalized by Google.

Good: All ethical SEO’s know that their job is never finished – there is always room for improvement in rankings, traffic and conversions. The job of testing and learning is and will never be done. We are constantly researching, reading and finding better ways to help our clients succeed online.


Our be SMART think BIG act FAST get RESULTS do GOOD & be HAPPY ™ philosophy makes seoWorks stand out from the crowd, just like Psy does. So, if you are looking for an ethical SEO company that still has all the right moves and is also fun to deal with, then the team at seoWorks is here to help…SEO Gangnam Style. Check out our SEO Genesis Plans and custom SEO Services today.

And for those of you who may have missed the video…

*Disclaimer: SEO Works has no commercial relationship with Psy or the hit single Gangnam Style – we just think he’s cool.