Google Buzz – What is it and How it Can Help Your Google SEO

Find out what the buzz is about Google Buzz.

So what’s the ‘buzz’ about Google buzz? Will ‘buzz’ become the new buzzword part of our daily vernacular like ‘tweet’ and ‘blogging’? Is Google Buzz the new ‘it’ social media networking tool or just much abuzz about nothing? And more importantly will Matt Cutts ever shave off that beard? We answer the important questions and some even about Google Buzz and how it can help your Google Search Engine Optimization*.

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is Google’s push into social media and integrates with your existing Gmail account. An autosuggest feature nominates people to follow who are already connected to your account. Buzz appears as an extra tab in your Gmail inbox and allows you to post content and share files from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and Google Reader.

You can share updates, photos, videos, and more and post publicly via your Google profile or privately via your Gmail contacts and new features built into the Google Maps applications incorporate social interaction with Google Buzz.

Five features of Google Buzz include:

  • Autosuggest lists – contacts you email frequently are highlighted as suggestions by Google Buzz that you can add to follow your status updates and share content.
  • Public and private sharing – between family and friends or post publically with real-time updates on the Google Search Engine.
  • Photo friendly – see thumbnails with each post, and browse full-screen photos from popular sites.
  • Inbox integration – comments and updates are directly emailed to your Gmail account and you can respond directly from your account.
  • Recommendations – Google Buzz adds content in your stream from your friend’s contacts and recommends content you may be interested in. You can nominate whether you are interested or not and Buzz will learn what you’re interested in by your feedback.
  • Mobile phone interactivity – Google Buzz from your mobile phone and share your thoughts about nearby restaurants, tourist’s spots and local businesses. It is currently available for Android and iPhone, but Google is working on bringing it to other platforms.

How does Google Buzz for mobile work?

This is where it gets really interesting. With the incorporated Google Maps feature you can start a buzz about your location whether you’re in a busy restaurant, at a concert or hotel and start a rich conversation with your contacts. To start using Google Buzz for mobile go to from the phone’s browser.

Key features of Google Buzz for mobile are as follows:

  • Buzz from contacts– you can view Buzz from your friends as you do from your computer and interact with them while out and about around town.
  • Tagging locations – you can use the suggested tag if it is correct or refine your location. This will allow your buzz to show up at that location tag for other users.
  • Nearby’ function – you can obtain the public buzz about your location including people outside your social networks and get reviews, comments and recommendations.
  • Google Buzz layer feature – the Buzz layer can help you find hotspots at a glance on Google Maps and you post buzz directly from this screen.
  • Voice Shortcut – the voice shortcut allows you to post buzz via spoken commands. Just say ‘post buzz,’ followed by whatever you’d like to post.

So how can Google Buzz help your Google SEO?

Now to the important stuff … what implications will Google Buzz have for your Google SEO and how will it help your Search Engine rankings? From our initial observations, this is the buzzdown on Google Buzz:

  • Link building: You can use anchor text within your links and it is a dofollow link from Google at least for now. Remember that Google is indexing links that are publically posted so these links help build your link profile and Google SEO.
  • Managing your online reputation: With the Google maps and mobile phone integration, users can use the ‘near me now’ function to find messages about restaurants, tourists spots and places of interest similar to Yelp or post using the ‘Buzz about this place’ function. Businesses in return can respond to these messages in real time and address their concerns and feedback.
  • Google Local Centre Business Listing: It is yet to be confirmed whether public posts generated by Google Buzz about your business and indexed by Google’s Search Engine will affect your Google Local Business Centre Listing but we doubt Google will miss this opportunity to integrate the two.
  • Real-time results: Your posts, tweets, images and so forth will likely to show up in real-time results and pages get indexed very quickly. This will encourage people to click to your website.
  • Autosuggest network: The autosuggest option means your network will grow quickly. You can leverage Gmail to grow your social network more rapidly (compared with Twitter) since Google Buzz has a built-in viral feature by auto-suggesting contacts you can easily add to your follow list.

So is Google much abuzz about nothing or a progressive and important social networking tool? Post launch Gmail users thought the privacy concerns were a real buzz kill and Google has already responded to feedback replacing the automatic following of people you emailed or chatted to regularly on Gmail with an auto suggestion feature and made other changes. Google is a dynamic beast and it will be interesting to see if Google Buzz will make a loud roar or won’t actually generate much buzz at all.

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*Sometimes referred to as Search Engine Optimization