Google+ (Plus) Pages for Business – Part Two

Read more about Google+ Pages for Business – how you can create a company account and integrate the page into your social media strategy.

We recently wrote about the launch of Google+ Pages for Business in the first part of our Google+ series. Google + Business Pages is part of the social media network originally launched in June 2011 by Google helping companies stay connected with customers, clients, suppliers and other people relevant to their business – find out how your company can become part of the Google Plus revolution.

How can I create my Google+ Business Page?

Google+ Business Pages were only released a couple of weeks ago and companies quickly jumped on the band wagon to secure popular brand names before they were taken by competitors. You must create a Gmail or Google account to sign up for Google+ — no invites required. Pages are created by individual account holders. Take a look at this SEOmoz Google+ guide produced by Mashable to see how you can customize your company page.

In addition, here are some examples of Google+ Pages for Businesses that you can look at and see how these companies are using their pages to interact and engage with their customers and fans:

Should your company have a Google+ Business Page?

Of course! You should also have a Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin Account. The social networking pages are also integrated directly into Google Search through a feature called Direct Connect so whenever a user starts a search query with the “+” operator, it will start bringing up Google+ Business Pages as they type. Typing “+Pepsi” and the result will take you directly to the Pepsi-branded page.

Find out more about Direct Connect with this video released by Mashable:

How can I promote my Google+ Business Page?

You can let people know that you have a Google + Business Page by adding the Google+ badge to your site or installing the Google+ icon. The Google+ badge helps you grow your audience on Google+ and show more recommendations in Google search by letting people add you to their circles and +1 your page, all without leaving your site. Google says that using the Google+ badge to connect your website to your Google+ page, you:

  • make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your posts and endorse and share your site.
  • get more personal recommendations around the web, by connecting +1’s for your website with +1’s on your Google+ Business Pages
  • qualify for Google+ Direct Connect which lets people type +your_site_name on Google search and automatically start following your page.

Having integrated online marketing strategies is always important to extend the reach of your internet marketing campaigns and maximize your brand awareness. By displaying the Google +1 button on all of your online properties, display and banner advertising, email signatures, e-newsletters and so forth, it will promote your Google+ Business Page, encourage people to add your page and increase your social Circles.

Using Google+ already? You can add seoWorks to your Circles. The Google+ project is ongoing as Google has plenty of enhancements planned and we will keep you informed about any new updates that impact your business and Social Marketing. To find out more about Google + (Plus) pages for Business, contact seoWorks and speak to one of our online marketing consultants.