Google SEO – 5 New Developments You Should Know

Here are five most of the most recent improvements by Google to SEO to enhance the usability of search.

Google is the biggest Search Engine in westernized countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as other regions in the world. To keep abreast of its competitors and maintain its domination of the market, the team at Google are committed to making improvements to their algorithms and enhancing the integrity of search for users. Here are five of the most recent developments in Google SEO.

Google SEO update #1: Google Search plus Your World

Google Search plus Your World was introduced by Google in January 2012. The update aims to customize and enrich your search experience by delivering search results that are based on both privately shared content from friends and family and traditional content across the web in a single click. According to Google, there are three new features including personal results, profiles in search and people and pages.

Find out more about Google Search plus Your World from the Official Google Blog.

Google SEO update #2: Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Pages for business were launched in November 2011 and was introduced as a social networking tool for businesses to connect with customers, clients, suppliers and other people important to your brand. Business networks could recommend your business with a +1 or add you to their circles so you can share information to your individual circles or start a one-on-one dialogue within someone in your circle.

Find out more about Google+ Business Pages from the Official Google Blog.

Google SEO update #3: Google Fresh update

An algorithm update Google Fresh was also launched in November 2011 and was designed to give users fresher, more recent and relevant search results from the last week, day or even minute for a particular search term. This would include changes to your website such as recent events, news updates or latest reviews. This put a continued and renewed focus on updating your website with new time-stamped content.

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Google SEO update #4: Google+1

Google Plus, launched in 2011, has seen tremendous growth and with that growth has come several new features and a complete redesign of the interface. Features added recently include the You Tube search box (which seems to have since been removed), the addition of “Ripples” to discover how far a post has reached as well as the most recent interface overhaul that happened just last week (11 April 2012) which has divided the Google+ community to those who like it and those who don’t.

Find out more about Google+1 from the Official Google Blog.

Google SEO update #5: Google Panda

The launch of Google Panda was first announced in February 2011. However, this wasn’t just a one-off change; Google continues to refine the algorithm with the most recent update announced via Twitter in March 2012. It is designed to reduce rankings for ‘low-quality sites’. The Search Engine giant has defined these to be “sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.”

Find out more about Google Panda from the Official Google Blog.

Keeping abreast of recent developments for Google is critical to the success of your SEO campaigns. But with Search Engines constantly changing their algorithms, this can be a daunting and overwhelming task. At seoWorks, one of the primary roles of our SEO Business Analysts is continuous research about Google SEO (so you don’t have to) and implementing these changes into your campaigns – contact us today about the SEO packages we have available.