How We Rank SEO’s

How We Rank SEO Companies

How do you judge which is the best SEO company?

By their very own SEO results of course!

Each month here at seoWorks we complete a transparent and impartial analysis of the Search Engine rankings for SEO-related terms across a growing range of countries and cities so that you can find the best SEO company for your needs.

Using our genuinely transparent, seoWorks™ Deep Learning Algorithm Methodology outlined below, we rank the top SEO companies based on their overall visibility in the Google Search Engine Results Pages for a cluster of the 20 most competitive keyword phrases used to find the best Search Engine Optimization firms.


We start with the Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool and pick the top keyword phrases searched for over the preceding 90 days related to either “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization”.

  • best seo agency
  • best seo company
  • best seo services
  • google seo
  • search engine optimization
  • seo
  • seo agency
  • seo audit
  • seo company
  • seo consultant
  • seo expert
  • seo firm
  • seo packages
  • seo services
  • seo services company
  • seo specialist
  • seo website
  • top seo agency
  • top seo company
  • top seo services

The next stage involves selecting every website that turns up in the first three pages of Google for these keyword phrases (there are usually over 100 SEO-related websites that have at least one mention in the Search Engine Results in each location). Then using our transparent seoWorks™ Deep Learning Algorithm application we record how many pages each SEO agency had appearing in:

  • first place
  • the top three listings
  • the top five listings
  • on page one
  • within the first two pages
  • within the first three pages

This then calculates an SEO Visibility Percentage by first assigning a number of points to each of the first 30 positions, as follows:

  • Position 1 = 30 points
  • Position 2 = 29 points
  • Position 30 = 1 point
  • Positions below 30 have 0 points.

The Visibility Percentage is then determined by the sum of Visibility Scores from divided by the maximum number of points possible.

And unlike other so called “best SEO company” or “top SEO’s” websites that talk about mysterious methodologies and secret formulas, our approach is truly transparent and the list rankings change frequently.

And unlike other “best SEO” sites, SEO companies cannot buy their way to the top of our rankings; our lists are purely based on each agency’s ability to rank for the core SEO keyword phrases listed above. They can buy advertisements next to the lists, but just like Google and the other Search Engines, buying an ad does not influence the seoWorks Best SEO List rankings.

How Frequently Are These Lists Updated?

Currently we run our reports on the last Wednesday of every month with new results usually published on the first of each month. Soon we will run the reports on a weekly basis.

Why We Prepare Our “Best SEO Company” Lists…

For over 15 years seoWorks has been a Top SEO Company, providing Custom SEO Services and SEO Packages to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small Businesses.

And at least once a week we hear from a potential client that had a bad experience with an SEO company and either asked us to clean up after the mess, or they were genuinely relieved when we showed them how straight forward and transparent we are in providing our services. In fact, many said we were the best SEO company that they had come across, even before they became a client.

Why did they like us so much?

Well, we are honest, transparent and we documented everything that we promised to do, ticking off what was done, on site and off site. And we delivered results that were measurable, quantifiable and tangible.

So, why publish the lists?

Simple really. SEO has become a huge business, and we are so confident in our own services that we think that we should present options to our potential clients, so they can decide. In reality, we simply heard one too many tales of woe from unhappy clients who had unwittingly made the wrong choice before coming to us.

Discover more about how we rank SEO companies and how we deliver Best SEO Company lists that you can trust. And if you still feel that you need advice, explore how we can help you here.