How to Increase Your Conversion Rate and Online ROI

7 tips to increase your conversion rate and increase your revenue from online marketing activities.

They say 80% of business generated from your website comes from 20% of your online activities so how can you focus on what’s working for your business and increase your conversion rate?

If you increase the conversion rate of your website, this can increase your revenue without needing to increase the number of website visitors making your website work harder for its money. Sounds easy when you read that doesn’t it?

Your online marketing activities can eat up valuable time, money and resources so it’s important to maximize your online return on investment (ROI). Here are 7 tips to increase your conversion rate and watch your online ROI go north.

Optimize your pages with long tail keywords

We are yet to see what the effect of Google Instant will have on long tail keywords when it comes into play but optimizing your website for long tail keywords can be an effective strategy to increase your conversion rate. When creating landing pages, consider using popular keywords such as ‘digital cameras’ and long tail keywords such as `Canon digital cameras Sydney’. Popular, higher volume keywords are search terms that consumers typically use to do research prior to making a buying decision but specific searches using long tail keywords are far more likely to convert to sales.

Give visitors what they have asked for

The title tag and the description tag of each website page should reflect exactly what is on the page. The title and the major tag line on your web page should contain the main selling proposition of your website and one or two good keywords. If you do not deliver what was promised on the Search Engine display, your visitors will either bounce off the page or have to search frantically through other pages on your website to find what they are looking for – do not over promise and under deliver.

Provide a solution

Visitors come to your website because they have a problem which they are looking to be solved. Your website needs to clearly tell your website visitors which problem your product or service solves and why your solution is better than your competitor’s offerings. You have only a few seconds to keep a visitor on your page. If the visitor is not convinced within seconds that your website is worth browsing, they will bounce off the site to a competitor’s website.

Increase your website credibility

Customers must feel comfortable with your website to be nudged on the path towards conversion. The overall design of your website is very important but your website must also look credible, trustworthy and authoritative to be able to increase your conversion rate. Ways to build trust is to include some or all of the following on your website:

  • testimonials and case studies
  • awards your company has won
  • associations and industry organizations your company belongs to
  • photos of your staff or team members
  • clear and large images of your products and services
  • physical address and a contact phone number
  • privacy policy, terms of use, and disclaimer on your website

Another way to win over customers with trust issues is to have a professional looking web design that is clear, concise and avoids clutter and unnecessary advertising banners or annoying design elements that distract visitors from the real content.

Offer clear call to action buttons

All your online sites whether it be your website, social media sites and so forth should be created with certain conversion goals in mind to increase your conversion rate. The website should strike a balance between offering multiple calls to action that are above the fold such as prominent telephone numbers, booking forms and ‘buy now’ buttons on each page but do not overwhelm the visitor with too many choices. The offer should be attractive, compelling and tell the visitor exactly what is in it for them.

Make it a risk-free experience

Conversion rates are maximized when you minimize the risk for customers. Emphasize the respect for privacy, avoid asking for unnecessary or superfluous information when customers fill out forms and make them easy to populate with auto tab fields. Other ways to minimize the conversion risk through your website is to include some or all of the following:

  • highlight secure sites for e-commerce sites
  • offer money back or service guarantees
  • outline clear terms and conditions
  • offer VIP memberships and special deals and offers
  • provide a telephone number and email address for customer inquiries

Simplify the steps to conversion

Ideally, there should only be three steps or less to conversion whether the conversion goal is to download a brochure, subscribe to an email newsletter or book a hotel room. With Google Analytics, you also set up Goals and Funnels and monitor your landing pages and find out where the stumbling blocks to conversion are. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do and decrease the steps to conversion. The more steps you have to conversion, the more time the customer has to revaluate their purchase.

Search EnginOptimizationon is not simply about driving traffic to your website, although that’s a large part of our job. It is more about driving qualified visitors to your website who are ready to enquire about your product or ready to purchase your product or service, leading to tangible sales that contribute to your bottom line. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your website, increase your conversion rate and maximise your online return on investment.