Instagram Guide for Hotel Industry

Instagram guide snapshot  87% of online users reported that social media recommendations impact hotel choice, it is no surprise that social media influences consumers travel and the end experience.

If you’re in the travel industry, this should be an exciting time for you given the plethora of opportunities Instagram have given brands in 2013. To help brands broaden their reach to Instagram’s 150 million active users, Instagram launched paid advertisements. With users spending up to 8 minutes a day with 16 billion photos, it’s hard to deny the potential that Instagram offers for the travel industry.

For hotels, Instagram is most beneficial when combining creative images and high-quality content to really connect with this passionate community of influencers. When posting, you can look to inspire your road warriors by snapping exotic destinations, over-indulgent cocktails, and local hotspots.

It’s important to not limit yourself on this channel. Think creatively about how you can inspire your guests and potential consumers to experience your hotel. For example, National Geographic is the most followed brand with over 3 Million followers. National Geographic curves the appetite that Instagrammers have for more adventure, more travel, and more culture. They attract the attention of everyone’s inner curiosity to explore the world.

With location-based marketing continuing to increase the way users experience mobile, Instagram will continue to grow. As stated in Nielsen’s digital media report, Instagram is the fastest growing app in 2013. Instagram will open the doors for the way people start to plan their trips and discover new cities.

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