How To Maximize Your SEO Power Before The Holiday Season

Your online visibility shouldn’t take a holiday, just because the end of the year is near. Now is the time to think about what can be achieved and focus on getting things accomplished in the short term.

With 2017 fast approaching, your long term onsite and offsite strategies need to be mapped out to coincide with your business goals and objectives for the year to come. But right now, it’s about knowing what has worked and how this can be implemented to cover you and your business visibility while others are cracking open the champagne and diving into Christmas dinners.

So where to begin? Here are 5 things to add to your list, without checking them twice.

Complete a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) is an effective way to gauge what has been successful with current and previous SEO campaigns, and can help you clearly pinpoint some of the quick win tactics that can be used over a shorter term. Activities that you would consider to be strong can be added to your ‘Good’ list, and prioritized in order of time, effort and potential outcome. Your list of weak opportunities can then be added to the ‘naughty’ list and ruled out for the time being. It’s important though to not forget about the opportunities that may have presented themselves through competitor research and the like as there could be a few quick golden options there. You also need to keep in mind your possible threats – these are the sites that currently take up the online real estate you would like to occupy. Assess their back-link profiles to ensure you are doing what you can to move them on out.

Revisiting The Past

You have diligently worked through and optimized your site including your on page content, as well as your meta titles and descriptions. But how long ago was that? Not only do keyword search volumes change, but trends do too. Now is a great time to refresh these areas and breathe some new life to ensure they are still targeting the desired outcomes. Search Engines as well as users love seeing new and relevant content, so brush off the dust and ensure you have your main pages covered.

Dead But Not Forgotten

Links sometimes die. But they don’t all need to remain that way. Complete a site scrape using tools such as Screaming Frog or Xenu, to identify any quick win opportunities you have both internal and external, that have become 404’s along the way. This review may also lead you to new opportunities that can be achieved in the short term, and also ones to add to your 2017 strategy list. A manual citation check can also be useful, but you need to keep in mind the balance between time and effort, and focus on things you know can be completed right now.

Existing Relationships

Not everything needs to be started from ground zero. Have you developed relationships in the past with third-party sites that you can reconnect with now? Did you manage to follow up on previous outreach requests sent a few weeks ago, or did you let them fall to the wayside? You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, especially when your time is scarce. Dig through your lists, and revisit some options that you already have in your back pocket.

Your Current Assets

You have some good things going for your business and your website. Don’t forget to check in on these, and ensure they are working at optimal levels. For example, your Google Local Listing – has this been completely optimized? Have you updated your operating hours over the holiday break? Will there be any change in contact details during that time which you will need to include? Are there any customer reviews you can ask them to add based on your service during 2016? As we know, SEO is not a set and forget discipline, and making the most of what you have is always very important.

Unlike last minute Christmas shopping, short term online marketing strategies still require time and focused effort. Use this as a chance to not just cover your online presence for the last month of the year, but as an opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished and the achievements you would like to set for 2017.