One-Time or Ongoing SEO Services?

SEO requires maintenance but do you bring it in-house or pay an SEO consultant to maintain your website? Read on to find out.

Should you invest in ongoing SEO services, or a one-off SEO consulting package? Find out more below.

In an ideal world, you could build an SEO-friendly website with a Search Engine-friendly content management system, insert your keywords naturally and organically into the copy, and pay for quality link building without needing ongoing SEO services.

Unfortunately, the commercial reality is that optimization of a website requires maintenance, but the question is: do you bring this in-house or pay for an SEO consultant to maintain your website?

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider ongoing SEO services:

1. Ongoing SEO Changes by Search Engines

The primary reason why ongoing SEO services are usually the best choice is that search engines are constantly changing, so your SEO strategy and implementation must change to match. Search Engines such as Google are always trying to bring out new and innovative products, update and refine algorithms, and to improve the integrity of search overall. In the recent years, Google has made major changes to how it handles local search, mobile search, and redirection, not to mention the release of Penguin 4.0, whose release means consistent white-hat link building is more important than ever. Infact, the Google algorithm changes almost monthly, as you can see from this historical list of changes.

2. Search Patterns Change

Search patterns may change over time and people may be using different terms to find your products via Search Engines. It is best to monitor the keywords people are using to find products and services such as yours by looking at Google Analytics, social media trends, competitor research, keyword ranking tools and so on. It is important to stay abreast of what matters in terms of search habits and find new keyword opportunities.

3. User Expectations Change

A five-year-old website is much less likely to deliver user satisfaction than a new one. As time goes on, users expect clearer content, precise navigational directives, cleaner and friendlier design, no friction on mobile, more specifically focused content, and easy-to-use interactive forms and features. SEOs specialize in providing feedback on user interface and user experience, as these are factors in on-page metrics that are of increasing importance to Google’s search algorithm.

4. Not Enough Resources

Some companies can’t justify the expense of ongoing SEO services but at the same time do not have the necessary resources, expertise or focus to look after optimizing their website in-house. Research shows that SEO is seen by some as the most important small business marketing channel. It should be viewed as part of your profit, not part of your costs. It may be false economy to take SEO back in-house if you do not have the time or staff to maintain websites.

5. Failure to Implement Recommendations by SEO Experts

One of the reasons why rankings can slip after hiring an SEO company is that some marketing teams fail to implement the recommended changes. This may be simply due to time restraints or some clients may believe the changes are not really necessary thus undermining the efforts of consultants. The best optimization recommendations in the world can be given, but if they aren’t implemented properly, then they’re pointless.

6. No Focus on Fresh Content

Over the past few years, algorithm updates by Google show increasing preferences for websites with fresh, original and recent material. This has always been important but more so now than ever. Content needs to be primarily focussed around the user, including relevant keywords so that it meets the objects of your overall SEO strategy. The fact is: good content takes time and effort to research and create. This is made easier with ongoing SEO services and making website optimization a long term priority.

7. No Focus on Link Building

Link building is a very important component of SEO – all things being equal, when two web sites have similar structure and content, the site with the best links from quality websites will be served up first. Working with an SEO consultancy can help you create a quality link building profile but as per best SEO practice, this needs to be maintained. There are always new link building opportunities to be found for your website, as well as the need to disavow new spammy links, and ongoing SEO ensures this is kept in focus.

8. Lack of Understanding of Google Analytics

It’s important to tie in SEO with marketing goals, but you may not have got a good understanding of Google Analytics and how it can improve your online revenue. From looking at traffic referrals to finding new keyword opportunities to setting goals and funnels for your site, SEO consultants have the know-how and experience to be able to monitor reports and help companies to make smarter decisions about what’s working and what’s not.

Why you should invest in Ongoing SEO Services

There is no finish line with SEO, so while you are resting on your rankings, your competitors might be paying for ongoing optimization and finding new and more relevant keywords, better link building opportunities and other ways to tweak their campaigns by expert consultants. If you would like to find out how our ongoing SEO services can increase your odds of long term success, contact the experts at seoWorks.