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Get your dental practice found on Google, using Dental SEO from an award-winning provider.


We have years of experience in optimizing dental SEO. With dental-related Google searches increasing by around 25% year-on-year, we can see that online demand for dental products and related services is continuously growing. 

We have worked with a number of dental product and service-based clients and have helped them grow online and to exceed their targets.

Having a personalized Dental SEO strategy built around your dental offering can allow you to reach target customers more effectively and help you focus on running your practice or business. We offer proven dental SEO strategies, with in-house specialists, in full accordance with advertising ethics and dental regulations.

Dentist SEO clients

Here are just some of the dental clients we have helped with SEO:

Dental SEO 2Dental SEO 3Dental SEO 4Dental SEO 1

Key trends in SEO for the dental industry:

In 2016, the total spent on dental was $124 billion, which accounted for 3.7 percent of all healthcare spending in the USA. With modern technology and social media, it’s easier than ever for patients to become more vocal about their dental products, services, and their dental care experiences. Our dental SEO strategies can be adapted to cater to large-scale companies that serve the whole of the US, or a smalltown, local dental practice.

Dental related Google search results

Average Monthly Search Volume
Dental Insurance
Dental Implants
Dental implant costs
Affordable dental
Dental works
kids dental
Dental plans
Dental veneers
Dental cleaning
Dental filling

Patients are better educated than ever before – with information at their fingertips, it’s likely that they will have undertaken independent research of their dental symptoms or beauty needs. Here are some of the most common unbranded search terms used whilst researching.

They will also evaluate the online reputation of your services, your practice, and your competition. The graph below shows that millennials and gen x are most likely to research online – but all generations will spend at least some time using online for dental research. Today’s consumer is more educated and pickier than ever before.

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Whatever the issue affecting your website… we’ve been there. Did the hard yards. Bought the T-shirt. We know what it takes to succeed. After all, you found us! So why not let us help your customers find you.

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Dental Case Study

SEO Challenge

To provide an SEO Program that would raise the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Careers website to Page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages for dentistry careers and jobs related searches, competing with the major jobs classifieds such as Seek, MyCareer and CareerOne.

SEO Services and Strategies utilised

  • Targeted keyword phrase research using seoWorks Keyword Tools to identify best SEO keyword phrases
  • Deconstructing competitor website SEO strategies and developing SEO countermeasures for targeted keyword phrases
  • Applying seoWorks research-based optimum meta-tag standards to all relevant pages
  • SEO copy writing current on-page content to better target Search Engine spiders
  • Click mapping and PageRank value redirection to critical pages
  • Inclusion of seoWorks Proprietary XML Sitemap format to website core directory
  • Developed inbound link growth program from high quality government, university and authority sites
  • Documentation and implementation of recommendations

Key Outcomes

  • Appearance on Page 1 for all targeted keyword phrases including “Dental jobs, Dental careers, Dental technician careers, Dentistry careers”
  • 196.8% increase in Organic Search Engine Traffic
  • 12.1% reduction in “bounce” or “back button” rate
  • 14.4% increase in Page Views Per Visit


“One of the key roles of the ADA is to provide a platform for people seeking careers in the dental industry. Our Dental Careers site was languishing for the major search terms we wanted to appear for. Your SEO Package has done what you promised…Page 1 on the Search Engines for  major keywords and a doubling of traffic…”

Charles Carroll, Marketing Manager – ADA (NSW)


Medical and Dental


Dentists & Dentist Jobs


196.8% increase YOY