SEO Services Best Practices

A quick guide to the 7 key SEO services you need to make sure you don’t pick the wooden spoon of SEO companies ...

Trying to choose an SEO company to take on the vital task of driving more traffic to your website can be a real challenge. How do you compare companies? How do you measure results? Are these companies providing value for your marketing dollars? And most importantly, exactly which SEO services do you need, and can the company you choose provide them?

Read this quick guide of the 7 key SEO services a company should provide to make sure you don’t pick the wooden spoon of SEO companies.

SEO consultants

SEO is not a one size fits all strategy. Even an SEO package should be customized to suit your individual business or website(s). A reputable SEO consultant should be transparent and able to provide a breakdown of all costs to you, provide case studies or testimonials, explain any technical terms or jargon and be on hand to answer any questions. Ideally, you should be assigned a consultant who will work closely with you on all stages of the SEO process from the initial analysis of your website, outlining recommendations for your SEO strategy, implementing these solutions within an agreed timeframe and budget through to maintaining your SEO growth.

Analysis reports

A detailed analysis of your website should be completed investigating the key factors that will impact on your search engine visibility such as your present website infrastructure including title tags, meta data and headings, your existing content, your current link profile and a competitor analysis. An analysis should also be conducted of your business to understand the key words your target market uses to search for your company in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This report should act as the foundation for the SEO campaign.

Implementation strategies

The outcomes of the analysis report should be detailed in an implementation strategy with a timeline for each stage of the project. This should be discussed with you in great detail so you can decide on the depth and scale of the search engine optimization services needed for your business. Look for an SEO company that is not a one trick pony and that can offer you a range of customized services from starter plans through to growth and maintenance plans suited to your needs and budget.

SEO copywriting services

A forward thinking SEO company will understand the importance of engaging, compelling content with a balance of key words that will be picked up by search engines. Writing for the web is a specialized service as web pages are scanned rather than read in detail by readers and good use of white space, headings and bullet points all impact on readability. Remember, search engines give a higher priority to websites that are actively managed and constantly updated, edited or that are regularly adding new pages. More pages providing fresh unique content that other relevant websites can link to can also increase your search engine ranking.

Link building campaigns

Search engines give a higher ranking to websites that have ‘link popularity’ and have a large number of quality of incoming links pointing to their website. Look for an SEO company that has a specialized in-house link building team with a huge network of websites targeted to your business to help build your link profile. An SEO company with integrity will provide links to your website that are relevant, high quality and trustworthy to increase your website’s search engine ranking and credibility.

Keyword research

In the world of search engine optimization there are “broad keywords” that drive browsers and “money keywords” that drive buyers. Find an SEO company that understands the importance of not only increasing traffic [and improving lead generation – delete] but also focuses on driving quality leads to your website – visitors that are ready to enquire about or purchase a product. Keywords that not only boost your traffic but increase your online revenue.

Website development and design

Once a detailed analysis of your website has been done, a key component of the implementation may be a redesign of your website to overcome technical issues that may be impeding your search engine visibility. Look for results driven SEO company who will recognize that a website with a great feel and look, SEO friendly infrastructure and an easy to use content management system to upload new pages will increase quality lead generation and convert search engine traffic into inquiries or sales.

A successful SEO campaign is one that delivers SEO services that satisfy all your desired outcomes at a budget to suit you. An SEO company with a “big picture” mentality will develop an implementation plan that looks at every facet of your website. Choose the right SEO company, that provides the leading edge SEO services you require and you will indeed drive traffic to your website, increase your online revenues and maximise the returns on your SEO investment.