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We think this says it all…

Having a website without a Search Engine Optimization strategy is like trying to conduct an orchestra without any sheet music or a conductor…the orchestra will generate random notes but will never play a symphony… and without an SEO plan, your website will produce random traffic and revenues but will never deliver you the increased website traffic and conversion to online revenues that you want and need.

Busting SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimization or SEO…full of myths and intrigue, “white hat” and “black hat” techniques, algorithms…all sounds very mysterious doesn’t it?

SEO Works is here to bust those Search Engine Optimization myths… simply put, SEO is a process; and when you think about the core functionality of a Search Engine [a computer generated result based on a formula, albeit a very complex formula], identifying and then applying relatively straightforward SEO techniques, plus a little time and patience, will produce top three page results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Its About Anticipating Change

The critical issue in all of this is simply keeping up with, and ahead of, the thoughts of the Search Engines and the ongoing adjustments to the formulas and algorithms that make up a Search Engine…literally hundreds of software engineers, some of the smartest on the planet, have one pure focus…to deliver to searchers the most relevant search results that can be found. Therefore, they are continuously tweaking their computer code toward this end. This impacts on your web site’s performance and consequently, you need to be regularly updating the content, structure and off-page factors to stay in the game.

Reverse Engineering The Algorithms

So, having grasped over the years the way Search Engines work (sometimes intellectually and sometimes by plain old trial and error) and knowing the type of pages Search Engines want to rank highly, we utilize the tools, handles and hooks that they themselves actually provide to build a website structure, content and relevance to meet their needs…and in doing so, meeting your needs too.

To do this we do the following:

  • We create rich, original and relevant content for your website and fashion it for each page in a Search Engine Friendly way
  • We target the “money” keywords that convert to sales; high traffic volumes with low RevPOV (Revenue Per Online Visit) are just an ego trip
  • We build Search Engine-Friendly website frameworks using Content Management Systems that are proven to be easy for Search Engines to crawl and index and that are easy to edit and adjust. Search Engine spiders can be easily confused by poorly structured code or “flash” files…the easier you make their job, the better your results
  • We build relevant Inbound Links that look and are natural. In other words, our links don’t look like we are involved in artificially acquiring them, although that is indeed what we do
  • We choose not to chase short term results…you want a long term and steadily growing online income stream that you can depend on, not for your revenues to be constantly whipped about every time there is a minor change to a Search Engine algorithm

SEO Works offers a refreshing approach to online success that produces quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for our clients.

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