Organic SEO

Organic SEO

What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO (or “natural” SEO) is the science and art of developing web content that, when prepared in a particular way, will appear on the first page of the Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN and many more.

There are three core factors that influence Organic SEO…

  • Search Engine-friendly website technical infrastructure – can a Search Engine Spider quickly access all your content and effectively determine what your pages are about
  • Web Content – quality unique information presented on a web page in a form that the Search Engines prefer, both in terms of visible on-page text and off-page code that helps the Search Engines understand your content
  • Links to your web pages – from external websites as well as links from you other pages

Within each of these are literally hundreds of variations that, when in the right balance, will get your page to the top of the organic Search Engine results. By doing so, you are putting forth your website ahead of your competitors in most of the search engines giving you the extra edge that is required in order for you to compete in this competitive market.

If executed properly, organic Search Engine Optimization provides you with a long term and a sustained flow of traffic. It lets your customers find your websites in the best possible way, naturally. Over 70% of people searching on a Search Engine click in the “natural” results and the 30% that click on the paid ads only do so if they can’t immediately find a relevant listing in the main Search Engine results area of the page.

However, organic SEO takes time, particularly for highly competitive keyword phrases it can take several months of content development, link building and code tweaking to get there. But once there, keeping your pages there is a relatively straightforward exercise.