SEO marketing – Why website SEO is not a one-off event

Make your SEO marketing dollars go further with these 5 simple steps.

Like every good investment, SEO marketing requires ongoing maintenance to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Hiring an SEO company is an important SEO marketing strategy. However, to get the most out of your marketing budget and value from your investment, it is vital that you not only implement the suggestions that your SEO expert has made but also focus on ongoing website SEO activities. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to maximize your online marketing investment.

Creating new content

With the launch of Google Caffeine, it is more important than ever to update your website with fresh, new and original content to keep abreast of your competitors. An expert SEO company should show you how to write keyword-rich content for your website. Look for ongoing opportunities where you can add fresh content to your website and update your content. This may include adding the following to your website:

  • media releases
  • testimonials and case studies
  • blog articles
  • seasonal offers
  • competitions and promotions

New content should not only be created for your website but you should also update any other related online marketing properties that you may have such as a Google Places page, video hosting pages and social media networking accounts.

Competitive keyword analysis

Keyword selection is an ongoing process and your list of keywords should be continually expanding and growing. A professional SEO expert will show you how to use keyword research tools and check whether the keywords you are targeting are still relevant for your website and whether there are any missed keyword opportunities that you can capitalize on. Keyword research includes analyzing your website and also doing competitor analysis.

Link building strategies

A good SEO marketing company will tailor a link building strategy for your online business that will provide links back to your website from trustworthy and relevant websites. Link building is an important part of SEO and it is up to you to not only maintain and audit your existing link portfolio but to grow and increase your link profile. These strategies may include:

  • writing quality blog posts
  • blogging on related websites
  • writing guest posts
  • participating in forums
  • social networking

Every three to six months depending on how large your website is, you should check for broken links and that you are not linking to bad neighborhoods and that link submissions to directories are still current.

Analyzing Web data

This is very important for the ongoing optimization of your website. A specialized SEO company should work with your website developer to firstly install Google Analytics on your website and show you how to analyze your Web pages. This data can be used to evaluate the success of online marketing strategies and understand where to best allocate your online marketing budget. This will include analyzing the following:

  • traffic sources
  • visitor analysis
  • content analysis
  • conversion tracking

Google Analytics provides great insights into where your site visitors come from, and what they are interested in – this provides major input in your SEO marketing strategy. You need to regularly review the data a minimum of once a week and adjust your internet marketing strategy accordingly.

On page optimization

Ongoing page optimization is important for the SEO marketing of your website. A professional SEO company should teach you how to a regular health check or SEO audit of their websites every three to six months. The duration would depend on how many pages your website has and if the website needs to be updated. Your SEO company will show you how to Web pages with an SEO-friendly infrastructure such as:

  • correct filename structures
  • optimized title tags and headings
  • optimized meta description tags
  • keyword rich anchor links
  • alt tags on all images

As aforementioned, you also need to run regular checks to see whether there no broken links on the website and whether there are any more opportunities to add new content.

Getting the best SEO results requires an ongoing commitment. At SEO Works, our Business Analysts have years of experience and are taught to share their knowledge and expertise with our clients so you can be confident in maintaining the SEO of your website. Contact us to find out more about our SEO Growth Plans and SEO Maintenance Plans and how we can help you with your SEO marketing strategies and improve your return on investment.