SEO Marketing

Why is SEO marketing crucial for your online success? It's all about standing out from the crowd...

SEO Marketing is all about improving your website’s organic (natural, non sponsored) rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for relevant keyword phrases, which convert to targeted traffic, conversions and revenues.

Why is SEO marketing crucial for your online success?

When a potential customer performs an online search, 9 out of 10 will look no further than the first 2 pages in the SERPs. Eye tracking studies have shown that there is a “golden triangle” where the majority of eye tracking activity happens during a search. If your site is in the top 3 ranked sites you can expect 100% organic ranking visibility, but this drops to around 20% by the time you reach the 10th ranked site.

If your site is not listed in those first 2 pages on the SERPs most searchers will use another search phrase or even another search engine rather than go any deeper into their search. If your business is in that “golden triangle” you can expect a continuous flow of targeted visitors, providing of course you are targeting the right keyword phrases; high rankings mean nothing if they don’t convert to sales. However, if you are not in those first 2 pages achieving success online will be much more challenging.

Most Internet users believe that websites found on the first page of the organic SERPs are the marketing leaders in their particular field. High ranking gives those sites authority because in the searcher’s eyes the engines have endorsed them for those particular keywords. Sites listed on the right side of the page, or sometimes at the top of the page in a colour-coded area, are seen as “ads” (which they are) and appear because an advertiser paid for them to be there.

SEO Marketing is a proven strategy which delivers a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than pay-per-click, email marketing or other types of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Strategies to Consider

  • Ensure you are targeting the right keyword phrases by conducting extensive keyword research.
  • Don’t trust an SEO company who guarantees you a number one position. No SEO professional can guarantee a #1 position any more than a lawyer can guarantee they will win your case.
  • Be prepared to regularly update your website with engaging, useful and fresh content.
  • Understand that SEO Marketing is a long term objective and good results can take time to achieve.
  • Before engaging any SEO experts do some research on their achievements. Talk to their clients and ascertain if their results have been effective and long term.
  • Get to know the analyst who will be working on your project and make sure you understand what techniques and procedures they will be using. There is nothing magical or hocus-pocus about SEO marketing. Everything should be clearly documented.
  • Be suspicious of any SEO marketing company who are not prepared to document their procedures or provide client details.
  • Be prepared to devote some time for learning about basic SEO marketing and ethical Search Engine Optimisation, much the same as you would for any other professional service provider.

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