SEO Packages Inclusions

Here are some brief explanations of each Search Engine Optimization Package component…

Our Search Engine Optimization Packages offer the same inclusions and quality of workmanship…the only difference is number of keyword phrases focused on or the number of pages to be enhanced. Simply choose which package best suits your particular website or needs…and in our preliminary discussions we will be happy to expand on the role and relative importance of each of the components.

Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations

Through a combination of statistical analysis of your current web site performance, competitor analysis and desktop research, seoWorks will identify the most appropriate keyword phrases that your website should be targeting. Some of the keyword phrases will be volume oriented and others will be focused on the higher converting and longer “money” keyword phrases of three, four or even five words.

Preliminary Status Report

This report provides a starting point or benchmark for your website and includes recent traffic trends, the keyword phrases we will be targeting and your current position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) for these terms.

Structural SEO Techniques

There are certain tools available that the Search Engines encourage websites to incorporate into their technical infrastructure; for example, a robots.txt file which instructs a Search Engine spider as to which pages it should and shouldn’t index and a sitemap.xml file that presents the structure of your website to Search Engine spiders in a particularly easy way for them to learn about all your pages. These and other structural components will be added as required to your web directory.

On-site SEO Techniques

In this component we draft modifications to your existing website pages so as to optimize each page’s keyword emphasis and density, both for visible on-page text as well as for elements not visible on the page such as Meta data/tags and coded emphasis tags. We will also create some new “landing” pages specifically developed to maximize essential keyword phrase visibility with the SE’s.

Off-site SEO Techniques

This is mostly about link building and ensuring that there is an appropriate volume and quality of incoming links (which Search Engines interpret as “votes” for your website). However, today with Search Engines, it is not solely about how many links to your website but also the quality, theme and trustworthiness of site slinking to you that influences how well a Search Engine will rank your pages. Also, the text within a link (known as the “anchor text”) will add specific authority to the value of your links. Each package includes varying levels of link submissions drawn from our database of over 5,000 Search Engine-friendly link sources. In addition you will benefit from links created in the Business Profile pages that we create on our own high authority media sites.

Post-package 30 Day Report

A month after the completion of all the elements of your initial Search Engine Optimization Packages we prepare a follow up report based on the Preliminary Status Report outlined above. We also prepare a similar report at the end of each month.

Take another look at our SEO Packages and then contact us for a free preliminary chat so that we can offer you the best Search Engine Optimization advice for your website.

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