Our SEO Packages & Plans – The Small Print

Choose the best Search Engine Optimization packages to suit your every need…

We created our Search Engine Optimization Packages to keep things simple for you and us…each package has very clear components so you know what to expect and we know exactly what to deliver.

Should you need more complex SEO advice our Custom Search Engine Optimization Services may be the more appropriate solution.

When you choose an SEO Package you are committing to an initial intensive program followed by the optional ongoing SEO services as outlined on our SEO Packages and Plans page. You will be asked to sign a plain English agreement confirming arrangements.

Our SEO Packages fees are charged in advance and work will commence as soon as payment has been received; settlements can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer via your bank to ours or we can setup a monthly PayPal subscription which you can settle either by credit card, bank transfer or your own PayPal funds.

Our SEO Plans are highly flexible and adaptable. Your obligation is simply from month to month as required with no long term contracts or burdensome terms and conditions. You will be invoiced on the 25th of the preceding month and settlement is expected within fourteen days.

Requests for Custom SEO Services that are not specified in your Agreement will be quoted separately and in writing and will require your formal approval before we commence or invoice you.

Our Search Engine Optimization Packages are priced in Australian Dollars and, as these packages are offered around the world, the published prices do not include local government taxes, fees and charges such as VAT or GST – these will be applied as required at time of invoice.

Take another look at our SEO packages and then contact us for a free preliminary chat so that we can offer you the best Search Engine Optimization advice for your website.

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