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Search engine optimization consultants to help you see the bigger picture, and help you to get there.

Award-winning SEO consultancy

At The SEO Works, organic search is our specialism and focus. Our team is made up of organic SEO specialists, who have worked with all types of businesses from niche startups to global brands. Collectively, we have worked on every type of site, and understand that no two businesses are the same when it comes to SEO.

Our experience has allowed us to develop SEO consulting services that include everything you need to gain a better understanding of where your business is positioned currently, where you need to aim for, and how you can get there with SEO.

SEO consulting services to help you rank

SEO at the top level is pretty simple. It’s built on three pillars:

  • Technical – your website’s technical infrastructure;
  • Relevance – the quality and formatting of your website’s content;
  • Authority – your website’s internal and external backlink profile.

It’s everything that falls under those three pillars, that makes SEO complicated. Our search engine optimization consultants are able to advise you on all the key aspects of an effective SEO strategy to ensure you meet Google’s best practice guidelines, and as a result, to help you grow your visibility in search!

If executed properly, SEO will provide you with a long-term and sustained flow of valuable traffic. It lets your customers find your website in the best possible way: naturally.

Our approach to providing expert SEO consulting services

By using our tried and tested process, we will uncover key opportunities and design an SEO strategy that is bespoke to your unique business. This begins with a detailed SEO audit, which examines in detail the key factors that have an impact on your search engine visibility. We’ll identify:

  • Which keywords your potential customers search for;
  • What level of competition exists for those keywords;
  • Which keywords attract buyers and which ones attract information seekers;
  • What strategies your competitors have used that are effective;
  • How your site compares with Google’s best practice standards and your competitors;
  • Opportunities to improve your rankings and gain qualified traffic.

The analysis, report, and recommendations then set the starting point for developing your SEO strategy that will be implemented throughout the duration of your campaign. We’ll develop a plan based on our research and benchmarking, and report back on the results month on month, tracking your progress in a transparent and easy-to-understand report. We discuss the process of working with our SEO consultants in more depth below.

Our expert SEO consulting process

Identifying your goals

When you start working with a professional SEO consultant, there’s no value in diving straight into making tweaks to your website. Our consultants spend time learning about your business, industry, and current positioning, as well as your unique objectives and goals. This way, we can set relevant KPIs for the campaign and ensure that all our efforts help to work towards your specific goals to generate the best possible ROI. Investing time into setting goals at the beginning of a campaign, ensures the strategy has direction and focus and everyone agrees on the KPIs being worked towards.

Auditing your website

The next stage of working with our search engine optimization consultants is auditing your website. This is a crucial step and involves reviewing all the core areas of SEO including your site’s technical structure, content quality, and backlink profile. The audits allow our consultants to identify any issues with your site that will need addressing, as well as opportunities for improvement and growth. We use our initial SEO audits as the foundations for our bespoke and meticulously crafted SEO strategies.

Bespoke strategy

Once we’ve carried out our technical, content and competitor audits, we can then feed any issues and opportunities identified into a bespoke long-term SEO strategy that is unique to your business. We don’t settle for one-size-fits-all strategies; every business is different and has its own goals that must be tailored to ensure investing in SEO consulting is worthwhile. Our strategies combine all the key elements of SEO including technical SEO, content marketing, link building and digital PR, and follow a timeline to ensure your business’ visibility is growing consistently over time.

Transparent reporting and communication

We understand that SEO is not a cheap investment and that our services need to provide the utmost value and ROI for them to be worthwhile. As a result, we make sure to keep you in the loop constantly about the work being carried out, the planned strategy and the results being achieved. We provide in-depth and transparent monthly reports on our progress that tie back to your agreed KPIs, so you can see where your investment is going and the outcome of this. This ensures you are always informed and can make educated decisions for your business, too. You will also have access to your own dedicated search engine optimization consultant who will keep you updated day-to-day and be able to answer any queries. 

Ongoing reviews and optimizations

SEO is never boring, simply because it is always changing. Google and other search engines are always updating their ranking algorithms, which means an SEO strategy needs to be agile and adapted over time. In addition to algorithms, the competitive landscape is constantly evolving too, with it becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Our professional SEO consultants are up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, and algorithm updates, and continuously review the search results to identify new opportunities and ensure you stay ahead. 

What are the benefits of working with search engine optimization experts?

We can work with you as closely as you need. If you need an SEO consultant to be very hands-on, we can do that. If you’d prefer to have us in more of an advisory role, that’s great too!

  • SEO consultants can cater to your needs and work in a way that suits your business. The SEO Works team of search engine optimization consultants are adaptable and passionate about becoming an extension of your business. 
  • You’ll gain access to our own dedicated and experienced SEO expert who will help you employ modern, whitehat SEO tactics. With consistent efforts over time, we will increase your chances of ranking highly for various key search terms.
  • By ranking high on Google, you can experience substantial traffic growth, attract potential customers, and establish authority in your niche. We focus on generating the right kind of traffic that is ready to convert to ensure you see an ROI.
  • You’ll save time by outsourcing complex work and decisions to an expert, so you can dedicate your resources to other important areas of running and marketing your business.
  • Effective SEO consulting services allow you to compete and eventually overtake your competitors in the organic search results, so you can steal their traffic and leads and become established in your industry.
  • Last, but not least, working with an SEO consultant takes a load off your shoulders. With an experienced SEO expert at hand, you don’t have to worry about a major component of your digital marketing strategy and can invest your time elsewhere.

Speak to our search engine optimization consultants

As SEO consultants with decades of combined experience, our team have achieved a wide array of long-term results for our clients and have an accolade of awards to back up our skills. We live, eat and breathe SEO, and have developed an industry-leading process and approach over the years for our clients to benefit from.

Whatever the issue affecting your site visibility, we’ve seen and know what it takes to succeed. After all, you found us!

If you would like to learn more about SEO consulting services, contact us today for a preliminary chat or request a free SEO audit.


What is SEO consulting?

SEO consulting services involve working closely with SEO experts who will review, analyze and optimize your website to improve its performance and visibility in the organic search results. All SEO consultants will work in different ways, however, our consultants take a hands-on approach whereby we implement the strategy and recommendations provided as well as offer advice and help to educate you on SEO processes. SEO consulting services can have huge benefits for businesses by improving online visibility, driving increased organic traffic and making a real difference to your bottom line. 

How do I know if my business needs SEO consulting services?

There are a wide range of reasons why a business may need to invest in SEO consultancy, the main one being that those not doing so are missing out on lots of opportunities for potential leads and customers. Whether you have invested in SEO in the past but your website is struggling to rank, you have seen drops in traffic, or have never optimized your website for SEO and don’t know where to start. Now is the right time to start reaping the opportunities that working alongside SEO experts can bring.

How long does it take to see results from working with search engine optimization consultants?

The timeframes for seeing results from investing in SEO consulting can differ depending on a wide range of factors such as your website’s current positioning and issues, the level of competition, the industry and more. Therefore, we don’t provide our clients with specific timelines, but generally, you may begin to see movements after around 3-6 months. Generally, SEO consulting services are a long-term investment that involves patience and consistency, but once results are achieved these are long-lasting and impactful.

How often should I expect updates on the progress of working with an SEO consultant?

We place a huge emphasis on transparency and honest, jargon-free communication so you understand exactly what you are receiving for your investment. As well as regular updates from your dedicated professional SEO consultant, you will receive thorough monthly reports and campaign reviews. These aim to keep you completely in the loop about the work being carried out so you can make informed decisions.   

How can I measure the success of SEO consulting services?

There are some general metrics that will be used when SEO consultants are reporting on the success of your campaign, such as organic traffic, keyword ranking movements and organic conversions. However, more specific metrics will depend on the KPIs set with your professional SEO consultant at the start of your campaign. For example, some businesses may want a focus on website engagement, organic revenue and more. Our reports and communication will always center around your business’ KPIs, so you can easily measure your ROI.