Free SEO “Pro Bono” Advice & Tips

Definition: “Pro Bono” – work done without compensation and for the overall community and public good

As a service to the community we offer free “pro bono” SEO advice for well-deserving non-profit, charity, start ups and micro small businesses to help raise their online visibility…

[ Please note that our current Pro Bono services are fully committed through to the end of this year. ]

Before you read on, we’d just like to refer you back to the definition above and especially the bit about “for the public good” just so that you clearly understand our position in relation to this offer.

We make a good living from SEO or search engine optimisation so, we thought it was time to put something back into the community.

There are many great websites (and the underlying philosophies behind them) that indeed deserve to be on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing but, for many reasons just don’t have the resources (many of them financial) to get there…

  • non-profit or not-for-profit charities doing great work who fly just below the public horizon online
  • micro small businesses trying to come to terms with the changes that the internet has brought to how they earn their living and support their staff and families
  • amazing start ups that need a practical hand rather than just venture capital dollars

How Does It Work?

If your application (see below) is successful, we will initially provide the equivalent of one day of an SEO Business Analyst’s consulting time to discuss your situation, conduct an initial review and provide a summary of how we believe you should move forward.

From there it really depends on each applicant’s unique situation. That may be sufficient to point you in the right direction or you may need further assistance as you move through each stage of developing your online presence and visibility.

How Do You Apply?

Please send a one page summary outlining your situation to …just one page…really…more than one page will be ignored…and we will respond with a preliminary yes or no within a day or so. This is the only way to apply and requests via any other means will also be politely ignored.

And please understand that we have only limited resources available, so try not read anything into a negative response; in most cases it is simply because our pro bono resources are fully engaged.

However, when we do commit to a pro bono request, you will receive the same quality of service and advice our paying clients experience.

So, take some time to think deeply about whether you want to apply, prepare your one page summary, and then send it to us when you are ready…and we will do our best to help you achieve your goals online with free SEO advice and tips.

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