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The best SEO copy writers write just for the web…and it’s a little bit different…

People read magazines and news articles in a different way than web pages. They tend to scan them first, then read when engaged…and search engines read web pages in an entirely different way.

The key to great SEO copywriting is finding that ideal balance between delivering content in a way that is rich, captivating and engaging for the visitor while ensuring that it is easy for a search engine can understand, index and rank well for targeted subjects and keyword phrases.

You’ve Got 3 Seconds

That’s how long people take on average to decide whether they hit the “back” button and “bounce” off your web page or not. You need a compelling headline that matches their search term, an engaging sub-heading that draws a visitor to explore, a bullet point list or important phrases in bold or as headlines to act as “eye stoppers” or pause points on the page and a summary with some kind of call-to-action.

And Then You Have To Connect

Your current web copy may well be ideally formatted for reaching the top of the search engine results, unfortunately search engines rarely sign up for offers, join email lists and never get out their corporate credit card to buy products. Once you get a visitor to your site, it is important that your content keeps them engaged and interacting, leading to more revenue.

We’re not necessarily taking about Shakespearean quality content however, today, online visitors to your website want more than just the facts. Your potential customers want to connect with you, your products, services and your brand. Great content will tell your visitors why they should buy, fill out that form or pick up the phone and call, and feel good about their decision.

Web Pages, Not Websites

Most people don’t realize that more than 70% of a well-optimized website’s traffic doesn’t arrive via the home page. Instead, visitors land on a page that is very specific to their search phrase.

Search engines index web pages, not whole web sites. So to ensure your site is as search engine friendly as possible, each page needs to be focussed on a particular theme and a related group of keyword phrases. The fancy term is “latent semantic indexing” or LSI which refers to a search engine’s ability to determine the theme of a page based on the overall language, rather than just looking for exact keyword phrase matches.

About The Best Web Copy Writing

The best copy writing providers start by supplying you with a Client Briefing Document, which asks a few simple questions that identify key points about your company, your services, your positioning and your competitors.

Their team will walk you through this document and jointly identify with you the key pages on your site that you are seeking to enhance and the keyword phrases that should be targeted within the copy.

They then conduct some research, both online and offline, so that they broadly understand your target market. They then commence creating the new copy for your site. They usually work on one or two pages to begin with which they review with you early on so as to ensure we have the right “tone of voice”, then they work on the drafts for the remaining pages.

Notice That We Haven’t Included Any SEO Stuff Yet

As we said earlier, it’s about engaging your visitor when they land, so that’s what a good SEO copy writer should work on first. They then analyse the SEO opportunities within the copy and optimise accordingly for the best results. You get the best of both worlds with rich, original, on-theme content that appeals to the Search Engines and high quality, engaging content that turns visitors into buyers.

How Much

Writing high quality and engaging copy for a site has a wide range of variables – the subject matter, existing content, the online competition and more. The best web copywriters are all experienced professionals and are carefully selected based on their work and areas of specialisation. Each should formally qualified in communications and have several years’ experience as a journalist or online feature writer. Rates vary widely depending on the subject matter, complexity and competitiveness of teh keyword phrases being targetted – expect to pay $500-800 for a 1,000 word articles or web page.

Can we help you with your own SEO, you ask?

Yes – Choosing the best SEO company for your organization is a crucial decision – simply Contact Us and we will be happy to arrange a preliminary chat.