The Top SEO Trends For 2012 And Tips

The last two years has seen a vast change in search – here are five of the key SEO trends for 2012.

SEO trends 2012The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is constantly changing as Search Engines try and improve the integrity of search results for users. It’s important for consultants to do constant research, be aware of SEO trends and new developments in the industry. This information is then used to put together online marketing campaigns for clients that reflect current methodologies and produces optimal results. Find out about five key trends for the 2012 year and beyond.

SEO trends 1: Increased focus on quality content

The Google Panda update in February 2011 and subsequent refinements has demonstrated Google’s continued focus on promoting high-quality websites that have valuable and original content such as research, in-depth reports and thoughtful analysis. This in turn has reduced rankings for low-quality sites which are considered by Google to be ‘low-value add for users, sites that copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful’.

SEO trends 2: Increased importance on quality incoming links

Following on from the Panda update, Amit Singhal, Senior VP and Google Fellow announced recently in February 2012 that Google has changed the way in which they evaluate links; in particular, they are turning off a volume oriented method of link analysis that they have used for several years. Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz believes that in 2012, Google’s search quality team will roll out algorithmic changes in how they value low-quality links.

SEO trends 3: Emphasis on fresh content

The Google Fresh update increased prominence of pages that have been recently published or updated. The aim is to increase the value of websites that keep up to date with the latest information on topics, especially ones that are time sensitive like sporting results or award show results. Astute marketing teams will be refreshing their content more frequently to take advantage of this algorithm change.

SEO trends 4: Move towards integration of online strategies

2012 will see a move towards integrating SEO with other internet marketing strategies such as social media marketing and article marketing. There will be a growing demand for online marketing agencies that can offer a full package of services allowing a client to deal with one company for all their internet marketing needs. Rand Fishkin says that ‘We’ll start to move away from the title ‘SEO’ to something more all-inclusive…’

SEO trends 5: Increased demand for external SEO Services

Large corporations have long realized that to maintain a high Search Engine visibility, they require a dedicated internal SEO team or consultant. However, in the same way that most in-house marketing teams work with specialized marketing consultants such as external media buyers and public relations teams, they may also require the services of an SEO company to cope with the increasingly demanding and growing complexity of search.

If you are managing an in-house marketing team and you would like some assistance with your online search campaigns or you are looking for an SEO company to assist you, contact seoWorks today and ask to speak to one of our consultants. It’s an important part of an SEO specialist’s role to keep abreast of SEO trends as changes occur in the SEO industry, empower you with information about search and suggest strategic enhancements to your campaigns where appropriate.