The Fear & Arrogance Of The Guest Blog Post

There seems to be a black cloud and imminent fear where guest blogging is concerned, so I thought I’d shed some light on this – still very popular and effective – form of link building.

Are guest blog posts still an effective link building tactic?

There seems to be a black cloud and imminent fear where guest blogging is concerned, so I thought I’d shed some light on this – still very popular and effective – form of link building. While there are many varying opinions on the authenticity of guest blogging, I truly believe that it isn’t going away anytime soon. Guest blogging has become a hot topic of debate with many SEO’s and most blog owners have become keenly aware of the true goal behind a guest blog post. So should it still be done, is it effective and are blog owners correct in charging someone to add a link into their posts?

Guest Blogging Is Here To Stay:

While we can all agree that the days of keyword stuffing, link baiting, and perfect anchor texts are long gone; link building itself will never go away. Even heavy weights like Moz are still encouraging guest posts but it must be done tactfully in order to be effective. To say that guest blogging is dead, would effectively say that link building itself is dead and that just isn’t true. I think that people go deaf when they hear the phrase “guest blogging” and swat you away like an annoying fly that hasn’t caught on. Perhaps we should call it something different, like ‘Content Blogging’ and the practice could be re-dignified. The fact remains, that if you are following the best practices encouraged to you by Moz, Search Engine Land, and even Matt Cutts, then you can’t go wrong. If you are offering a webmaster a well-written, well-research, well-placed ‘content blog,’ then everybody wins. There should be no need to ‘keyword stuff’ in your ‘content blog’ or be accused of placing link bait because your article, and any links in that article, are relevant and useful. Make sense? Content Blogging – It’s an amazing concept!

Do Not Fear Rejection, Have Confidence In Your Content

Due to the bad rep that guest blogging has received over the years from people taking advantage of its potential benefits, many bloggers will slam the proverbial door in your face without giving you a chance. In most cases, it’s their loss…move on. Like with anything, giving up too soon can be detrimental to your potential success, so be diligent, be confident and know when to move on. Ever heard the expression, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing?” – Well nothing could be truer on the subject of guest blogging. Many bloggers think that they understand ‘link bait’ and know how to spot it a mile away, causing them to turn away what could be a mutually beneficial opportunity.

You Shouldn’t Have To Pay To Place Your Content Blog

While there are exceptions to this rule, for the most part there should be no reason to pay. Not to pick on Mommy Bloggers but I think that some of them have gotten a little cocky in this arena and think that every guest posting request means money in their pockets. Unfortunately, this way of thinking only hurts the success of their blog. Not only can content blogs offer a great exchange of ideas and information, it’s FREE content and FREE exposure from a brand new audience. Who would turn that down? It never ceases to amaze me the, often rigid and arrogant, responses that I receive from Mommy Bloggers saying, “If there are ANY commercial links, it will have to fall under a sponsored post and there will be fees.” Let me get this straight – you want to charge me for free content? But, unfortunately – like with everything – it was the few that ruined it for the many.

Don’t Be Lazy – Take The Time To Prove That Content Blogging is Worthy

With so many amazing tips and best practice solutions for Guest Blogging out there, it amazes me how few digital marketers are taking advantage. If we want to truly change the perception of guest blogging, then we must take the time to do it right. Follow the solutions of the experts and give the practice of guest blogging a make-over. While it’s been said 100 times, I think that not enough people are truly taking the time to form a relationship with these bloggers and earn the right to write for them. After all, they have the blog and we need them, like it or not.

Content Blogging Benefits Everyone

Last, but not least, is the proof that a well-placed guest blog, or content blog, can massively benefit everyone involved. It benefits the blog webmaster the most as they are receiving free, well-written, well-researched, relevant content for their blog without having to do any work. It also opens up a brand new audience through social media channels and the authors’ readers. Secondly, it benefits the person who wrote the article as it gives them credit as an author and authority on the subject. And lastly, if there are relevant links placed within the article – then yes, it gives the website link credit as well.

Like with anything in the digital marketing arena, guest blogging is another tactic that may need a face lift and new name. I think for those of us following best practices and truly working to benefit all parties involved, we have earned the title of ‘content bloggers’ and have secured the future of this, very effective, means of link building.