WordPress SEO – a great tactical SEO strategy

WordPress is great for SEO and has many features and advantages ...

A WordPress SEO strategy can deliver a wide range of benefits to your overall internet marketing activities…

So you want to create a website or a blog and you’re confused about what platform to choose? WordPress (WP) is a fully customizable blog platform designed specifically with SEO in mind. As well as being SEO friendly, WP has great design templates and plugins available (to increase the functionality of your website) and an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Here are the SEO advantages of WordPress:

WordPress is a powerful platform

It is extremely easy to create or edit posts, manage categories, add images and comments in WordPress. With a simple yet intuitive interface, you’ll get started in minutes. WordPress has a good architecture, offers flexibility in design and has a well thought out SEO infrastructure.

Third party plugins such as the All in One SEO plugin make optimizing even easier! The plugin allows you to add keywords and descriptions to each page to communicate to Search Engines what your website or web page is about so it ranks for the right keyword searches.

WordPress is widely used

WordPress is widely distributed and supported with third party developers updating or building new plugins for the platform all the time. It is estiated to power over If you need to troubleshoot any WP problems, you can always do that at the WordPress forums!

WordPress has fully customizable templates

The flexible template system makes it very easy to change designs on a whim. With the help of an advanced web designer or SEO specialist, you can make your WordPress blog unique and appealing to your users and customize it to reflect your personality or your company’s brand.

WordPress can easily be crawled by Search Engine spiders

With the WordPress built-in SEO optimized navigation system, you are free to decide how the links appear as well as their structure to allow a more descriptive URL that will add weight to your Search Engine ranking. A good navigation menu to the categories archives and pages will encourage Search Engine to visit connecting links, covering most of the website … don’t worry: spiders will find and follow them…

WordPress posts are favored by Search Engines for quick listing

WordPress SEO is easy: this blog platform is so well optimized by itself for Search Engines that you should get listed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) within a few days, even without submitting your website anywhere! We know this from experience as we usually see our own posts indexed in Google after a couple of hours… Talk about a SEO advantage!

WordPress has tons of SEO related plugins

You want to create sitemaps and automatically ping servers? Can do. You want to filter spam? Can do. You want to display videos? Can do. You want to individually manage your META tags? Can do. There are tons of SEO WordPress plugins available – easing the WordPress SEO process.

WordPress has an easy-to-use Content Management System

Search Engines give a preference to blogs or websites that are managed and regularly updated with fresh and unique content. WordPress has an easy-to-use CMS to be able to upload content and images easily and quickly … no more struggling with HTML or a difficult-to-use CMS! Blogging has now become a key element of an effective SEO strategy. WordPress allows you not only to create posts easily but also optimize your posts around your targeted keywords.

WordPress encourages link building

The blogrolls, pingbacks and trackbacks built into WordPress help you link to other sites, giving them credit, but also opening a door for them to link back to you. Good sites linking to your site adds weight to your Search Engine score.

WP also lets you add helpful plugins which encourages good comments and links on your site and gives you more control over which links to make dofollow/nofollow (dofollow links are indexed by Search Engines and influence your Search Engine ranking).

WordPress allows you to create sitemaps easily and quickly

By downloading additional plugins, WordPress allows you to create a sitemap link on every page so visitors and Search Engines alike will have easy access to your posts.

It not only makes it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, it also makes it easier for Search Engine spiders to find your website as well! With the Google SiteMap Generator Plugin for WordPress, you can generate XML files to submit to Google Sitemaps.

WordPress favors content syndication

Content syndication is the distribution of your content to others including blog followers or even Search Engines. WordPress allows you to automatically notify your feed subscribers and your listed servers when you post a new article. These include RSS and Atom feeds. Now that’s content distribution!

WordPress is free

Sounds too good to be true? WordPress is open-source software, created and supported by a huge community of technicians over the world. You may start using it today, without paying anyone a license fee. Ever.

A few tips for the road…

Download and install WordPress with a stand-alone hosting account. You can find specific WordPress hosting products on the web for a few dollars a month.

Buy a domain name and use it for your blog. It is better than a subdomain of your actual domain name and easier if you ever decide to split your website and blog in the future.

Interested, but not knowing where to start? Ask a WordPress SEO specialist.

So, in summary?

WordPress comes ready to embrace SEO straight out of the box. Its features and functions will guide Search Engine spiders through your posts, pages and categories: your site will be better and faster crawled and spiders will easily gather information they need to include your site within their index. Contact us to find out how you can customize the design, enhance the functionality and improve the WordPress SEO of your website or blog.