Software & IT SEO

Growing a large business solutions and services provider.


  • A 28.4% increase in visits, year on year
  • 5.7 page views per visit
  • 70% of all business leads now generated via their websites
  • Targeted vertical segments showing 50% increase in lead generation

Project summary

Sage Group is a global, market-leading vendor of accounting, CRM, ERP and business management software to small, medium-sized and larger businesses. Sage Business Solutions, a subsidiary of Sage Group has in excess of 20,000 customers across its 5 ERP and CRM software products. After building a solid foundation in this competitive field, Sage Business Solutions wanted to stay ahead of the competition through effective SEO of their websites with a specific focus on building customer and partner revenues by appearing on Page 1 of the major Search Engines.


Sample Phrases

Accounting Software

CRM Software

ERP Software

Best Accounting Software

Best CRM Software

Accounting Software Packages

Business Software

CRM Small Business

Accounting Packages

ERP Systems

ERP CRM Integration


Business Software Vendor


Software & IT


28.4% increase YOY