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SEO Link Building Services

In the simplest of terms, a Search Engine sees a link from another website to your site as a vote of confidence in your content…

A high quality and diverse link profile is a fundamental element of great SEO. When search engines see other websites linking to your webpages they will view your site more positively, which increases your visibility to potential customers. A solid link building strategy is a core component in achieving effective SEO services.

Search Engine robots or “spiders” (think of them as micro-browsers) continuously travel from web site to web site following SEO backlinks like an enormous daisy chain; in fact Search Engines initially discover your web site via a link from another web site.

The primary function of a Search Engine is to provide the most valuable and relevant results to the queries made by a user, not some mysterious pharmaceutical products when you are searching for those “hand made chocolates from Brazil.”

It’s About Trust

There are many factors that today’s Search Engines take into consideration when rating your inbound links. Its not a simple case of more volume equaling more value. Some of the aspects considered include:

  • the reputation or “Trust” value of sites linking to your web site
  • the Theme or Relevance of sites linking to you
  • Quality and Value of accompanying content
  • the “Anchor Text” (the words that the link is embedded behind) in links to your site

Search Engines use a complex set of criteria known as an algorithm to rank web sites. This computer code takes into consideration on-site and off-site factors collected by the robots or spiders. Data is then assembled, collated and evaluated in order to come up with a Page Score or Rank. This process is how search engines determine the order of sites to present when a user types in queries like “best digital camera” or “New York hotel near Wall Street.”

Quality and Relevance

All things being equal, when two web sites have similar structure and content, the site with the best back links SEO profile is most likely to be served up first. Note that “best link profile” does not mean “most links”. Some time ago, a site with the “most links” would have won out, regardless of the type of links. However, today the focus is on relevance, quality and trust. Search Engines may be blind to images, they are not blind to webmasters who attempt to manipulate their algorithms with unethical SEO link building. They are continuously making updates to their systems to filter out any sites that are attempting to “fudge” a Search Engine’s results.

Research, Research and More Research

Their next step is to add to this core through strategic research of your market to identify opportunities. This includes sites from your suppliers, industry associations, local businesses and trusted on-theme reference sites, as well as competitor web sites, which are likely to be open to providing backlinks to your web site. Typically a good SEO  company should develop one-way inbound links, though there are some instances where opportunities to exchange links with highly relevant and trusted websites can form a part of the plan.

The best SEO link building experts contact their sources personally, to provide a site description, preferred anchor text and other link details needed to secure for your site the most valuable inbound links.

Hare or Tortoise

Acquiring high quality SEO backlinks requires persistence, patience and expertise. Search Engines also set the pace of how quickly they recognize these links. Adding too many back links too quickly can result in a Search Engine ignoring the links and in extreme circumstances (say 1,000’s of links in a week for a cupcake site) even penalizing your web site and dropping it from their index.

So its essential your selected SEO comapny works with the Search Engines, not against them. There is no link building “quick fix” and anyone who promises to achieve “a page one listing for high volume keywords in a month for $49.95 through adding 1000 of their own, secret SEO backlinks” to your web site is lying and you are taking on a substantial risk that could impact your visibility and revenue.

There may be some short term results that can be achieved through “black hat” or lower quality SEO Link Building techniques. However you run a high risk of having your website banned from search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. When that happens your online revenues will diminish along with your web site visibility, which can be detrimental to your business. This is why the SEO companies that provide the best services will provide the best results your business well into the future.

In Conclusion, SEO Link Building is Meant To Be Difficult

Search engines want SEO link building to be a difficult and time consuming task. It is a crucial part of their quality assessment of your website.  So, if someone offers you SEO link building services that sound too good to be true, it probably is. From our own past and current experiences, we know how hard genuine SEO link building really is, but it is the key to long term success online.

Link building activities should be conducted as part of an overall comprehensive SEO strategy – SEO backlinks in isolation won’t get you the page 1 results that you are seeking. Effective link development activities are a challenging and demanding task but, when effectively and strategically managed, SEO link building will contribute to the overall uplift in your Search Engine Visibility. This ultimately means more qualified traffic to your site, and increasing revenues.

Can we help you with your own SEO, you ask?

Yes – Choosing the best SEO company for your organization is a crucial decision – simply Contact Us and we will be happy to arrange a preliminary chat.