Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

If you are a local business, trying to access a local marketplace, you will know it’s hard work getting your name out there and building a reputation. We offer localized SEO services that can make all the difference.

85% of customers search for local businesses online. What’s more, most of these searches are via a mobile phone. And Google now customizes their results to give the best results for are specific businesses – if that business is optimized to appear in local search results.

Take full advantage of local searches in your area

We’ve developed a unique local SEO strategy that is designed specifically to take full advantage of Google search inquiries. This strategy helps make sure your business receives the bulk of hot enquires from potential local customers wanting to contact you directly for more information about your business and the services you offer.

Not only have we developed this unique local SEO strategy, but it is also completely measurable in terms of leads generated. Each phone call and inquiry is tracked through our in-house software which means you can measure the impact of your budget.

These types of localized inquiries are statistically proven to be more ‘trusted’ by a potential customer. Plus, they deliver real, measurable results, at a speed not seen with national campaigns. Many of our clients see a massive increase in inquiries per month using this technique alone.

Local SEO is far more than just Google My Business

Whilst Google My Business is a massive part of appearing in search for your local area. There are loads of other factors which play a part too!

During a Local SEO Campaign we: 

  • Ensure your name, address and phone number are consistent online 
  • Connect you with local businesses and directories
  • Optimise your site for a wide range of relevant keywords
  • Ensure your website meets Google best practices and accessibility standards 
  • Create content for your audience
  • and so much more!

Why choose us

Remember, our local SEO services include a totally unique product developed by us and are not available anywhere else.

As a local business, this may be the only money you have to spend in order for you to run your business profitably and achieve all your business goals. We believe this can fundamentally shift your business and tap into the online demand that is already there in your local area.

If you want to know more about our local SEO services or take advantage of our free SEO health check!