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Getting more organic traffic is pointless if it doesn’t deliver value to your organization. SEO Services from SEOWorks are commercially focussed, helping improve your overall ROI.

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SEOWorks are a specialist SEO agency, with over a decade of experience in delivering Award-Winning SEO Services and campaigns to clients from a diverse range of industries. We’ve consistently been voted a top SEO Service provider by industry leaders as a result of delivering fantastic results for our clients.

We provide award-winning, professional SEO Services across a range of sectors including Automotive, eCommerce, Health, Finance, Software and Real Estate. We only do SEO – and we do it well. We’re a team of experienced SEO specialists who are ready to help you with all of your SEO needs.

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A professional SEO campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business. Get an edge on the competition by optimising your site so that it starts to appear for more searches that your potential customers are making.

More awareness and traffic
Increased visiblity for target searches means more qualified traffic to your website, and greater brand awareness.

More sales and leads
With more targeted and qualified traffic comes more leads and sales. Meaning new growth and revenue opportunities for your business.

More trust and engagement
Your customers will see you as an authority in the industry with top rankings, and be more engaged with the information you are publishing.

"We wanted to identify and understand SEO best practice and create a strategy to improve our rankings in the SERPs. SEOWorks then undertook some key audits and analyses before working with us to create a strategy that would be adaptable to suit our business needs. We've continued to see great improvements in our keyword rankings, with main keywords ranking around page one on Google. We have been very impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and flexibility."

Our data-driven SEO Services process

We offer professional SEO services and over the last decade, we have become leaders in our field. We’ve developed an unique methodology of practising SEO, based on our ten years in the industry.

Our data-driven insights, proprietary tools and models will pave a path for your success. Find out more about our process below:

SEO Services Process

1. Keyword and competition research

A successful SEO strategy is built around detailed research into how your target online audience is searching for the product or service you offer. We will conduct detailed research you’re your target markets, considering all types of phrases including generic, topic-led, head terms, long tail and location based searches. We’ll pull all of these relevant phrases into a phrase map – it’s our guide to your online potential.

2. Benchmarking and strategy

How are you able to plan where you want to get to if first you don’t have a baseline for where you are right now? Our benchmarking process will benchmark the current level of SEO compliance of your current site. Conducted manually by an SEO professional, this process will create a ‘RAG’ view of your current setup. From here, a strategy will be developed that will lead to a series of ongoing improvements to be conducted over the course of the SEO campaign.

3. Content generation

When it comes to achieving top rankings in search engine results, content is key. This means to be successful online, websites need to contain current, useful information including services, regular updates, and blog posts.

Your online content needs to be helpful to your prospective customers, it must factor in the user’s intent and be relevant to your business.

4. Authority

To ensure your website is authoritative in its field is vital, you must build links to and from other high authority sources. Getting the wrong links to your website can be detrimental to results. Building a strong network of links are a key part of ranking top for any target search phrases. We can help you create fantastic content, that can be used to build your backlink profile. Whether you want to target local blogs and directories, or international news sites, we will build a custom outreach strategy and help you build links.

5. Technical optimization

There are also several technical elements of a website that need to be right. Our technical team will audit and the source code that Google sees. We examine your page speed, crawlability, and many more technical factors, and make incremental improvements over time.

6. Measure and improve

Optimizing a website for search engines takes time, however, we believe in being accountable to our customers throughout the entire SEO process. Looking at and reviewing the data via monthly reports will allow you to track and measure progress.

We provide every one of our clients with detailed monthly reports. Your monthly report from your account manager will allow you to see key KPIs that matter to you. For example:

  • the search phrases used to discover your website, and the rankings of search phrases;
  • historical tracking to see ranking improvements over time;
  • the most popular pages people visit and the route users take while visiting the website;
  • audience type and where your site visitors are based;
  • and most importantly – conversion data and how your organic traffic is adding to your bottom line.

We use this data to work collaboratively with your business, so we can visualize your priorities and form strategies that help you reach your goals.

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    SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation,  can seem like a confusing and time-consuming process. If you are looking to get your website or business ranked in the search engines then there are various SEO services out there that can help you with your long-term goals. It is ignorant to think you can get to the top spot for a competitive keyword like “cars” and any company that claims they can do that are pulling the wool over your eyes, but there are ways to get a steady stream of traffic that can convert into customers for your products or services.

    SEO services include a wide range of methods & strategies to help you rank higher, increase targeted traffic and improve conversions. Usually the best companies are the ones that offer comprehensive packages. But if you are confident in doing some of it yourself, or do not have the money for a complete package then there are several types of SEO services to look out for.

    On-Page Optimisation

    This involves the restructuring and often re-writing of your website content to target your keywords and display the page in the most search engine accessible way. For example, a website full of Flash animations, videos and pictures cannot be read very well by search engine spiders, and therefore may have difficulty ranking well. Having plenty of cleanly written content, with your keywords in headlines, Meta tags, links and makes a big difference.

    Also, the interlinking structure of your site is important. For example “page one” and “Page 2” linking to “1.html” and “2.html” is not an effective use of your internal linking. A better option would be “fast cars” and “modern cars” linking to “fast-cars.html” and “modern-cars.html.”

    Off-Page Optimisation

    If you feel your site is valuable as it is then off-page optimization is the next best service. This involves getting backlinks (other sites linking to you) with your keyword as the anchor. This can range from link exchanges (although the value for this is diminishing), to using social bookmarking sites, to submitting to high ranked directories, to article marketing.

    Keyword Research

    You may have a firm idea of what keyword you want your website to target, but you’d be amazed the amount of people that get this wrong. If your website is about selling cars, then the term cars is not only too broad, but too competitive to rank far. Good SEO services will be experienced in keyword research and will be able to compile a list of low competition, but targeted words that you can rank for. Something like “buy used cars in Sydney” is a lot more effective because it narrows down the target audience to those already wanting to buy and lengthens the term for easier ranking.

    Article Writing and Marketing

    This is a common service where you can have your on-page content written with the search engines and keywords specifically in mind, as well as keyword rich content written for marketing purposes. These articles can be submitted to article directories, blogs and lenses with a link back to your own site, giving you an instant relevant backlink.

    There are many other SEO services offered by companies; some are more complex and some combining several methods listed above. The most reputable companies will offer all of these services and more, often in one complete package. SEO is an ongoing process and should be continually updated to remain competitive.