Why Choose an SEO Company in Australia

Think local, act global – find out why you should choose an SEO company in Australia for local campaigns.

SEO company in AustraliaThere may be a trend towards outsourcing work offshore but when it comes to optimizing your website, it makes more financial sense over the long run to hire an SEO company in Australia. Remember cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to SEO – for you to get the maximum benefit, campaign strategies should be not only tailor made for your individual company needs but customized to reflect the individual country or region.

Keyword selection

Keywords form the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. An Australian SEO company will have a better understanding of the local dialect, the slang and colloquialisms, idioms and language unique to that region. Even with countries that seem to have similarities such as the United States and Australia, there are differences. United States use the word ‘vacation’ for instance where Australians use the word ‘holiday’.

SEO copywriting

A direct translation is simply not good enough. Australian SEO copywriters will have a better understanding of Australian spellings and how and when to incorporate keywords seamlessly and naturally in the copy. When creating landing pages for special offers for seasonal campaigns, it is also important to be aware of public holidays, school holidays and events unique to Australia such as Australia Day or Melbourne Cup Day.

Link building

Local link building strategies are very important when you are targeting a certain region or locality. An SEO company in Australia ideally should have an established network of local directories and other trusted sites and developed strong relationships with the webmasters of these sites over the years. Trusted sites in Australia for example include Yellow Pages, White Pages and True Local directories.

Domain strategy

Having a country-specific domain or otherwise known as a local top level domain (TLD) is best for local SEO as it carries the most geographic information for Search Engines. In Australia, you need to have an Australian Business Name (ABN) to even be eligible for a top level domain name. Depending on your international SEO strategy, you may choose to have sub-directories e.g. mydomain.com/au or sub-domains e.g. au.mydomain.com.

Australian hosting

In addition to the domain extension, Search Engines also consider the IP address location of your server to determine the geographical relevance of your website. It is ideal to use a local server to host your website and an SEO company in Australia can assist you with that. With local hosting, Search Engines are more likely to associate your web pages with searches for Australia and this will impact on your local rankings.

Leading Australian SEO company SEO Works has consultants based Australia-wide who are ready to assist you in creating tailored campaigns to reach the local market and improve your local search visibility. Contact us to speak to one of our experts and find out more about our local SEO strategies, our Google Maps – Google Places Packages and why you should choose an SEO company in Australia.