2012 SEO Resolutions

Build on your momentum in 2011 – here are five 2012 SEO resolutions you can incorporate into your internet marketing strategy.

SEO resolutionsThe start of the year is a great time to reflect on your past successes and also past failures and set 2012 SEO resolutions to follow. 2011 was an iconic year for SEO with the launch of Google Panda and Google Fresh on the back of the Google Caffeine update in late 2010 but what did it teach us? Here are five SEO lessons that you can learn from last year to structure your online marketing campaigns in 2012.

SEO resolution 1: Write quality content

Google Panda and Google Fresh, two algorithm updates introduced in 2011 inspired webmasters to raise the bar on quality content for their website. Identify your main keyword themes but focus on quality not quantity – less is more. The underlying premise of SEO is to provide value for readers – try and keep copywriting fresh and original, put a time stamp on published material and minimize duplicate content on your website.

SEO marketing tip: Put together a content schedule so that your website is not only continually refreshed with new material as well as doing a quick check for any outdated content, typos or grammatical mistakes.

SEO resolution 2: Concentrate on quality link building

If the Panda update has taught business owners, webmasters and SEO consultants anything, it is to concentrate on link building campaigns with quality websites that have high authority, are credible and trustworthy but are also highly relevant to the subject matter on your site. It may be time in 2012 to evaluate your link building strategies and source back links from on-topic sites that carry more weight with Search Engines.

SEO marketing tip: By adding quality and original content in newly created content opportunities on your site (such as a company blog, a news section and so forth), you can encourage websites to organically link to your website – work smarter not harder in 2012.

SEO resolution 3: Analyse your marketing campaigns

SEO strategies are not a set it and forget it campaign. With all the recent changes to Search Engine Optimization, it is important to set a time to review your keyword research, the landing pages on your site, your website design, the link building profile and so forth. Ideally, you should conduct a SEO health check every six to twelve months to evaluate online marketing campaigns and see where you can make improvements.

SEO marketing tip: If your website has started losing traffic, it is not growing steadily or your conversation rate is slipping, you may need to consult an expert to do a professional SEO audit of your site – this is money well spent especially if your website is your main sales funnel.

SEO resolution 4: Read more

SEO is very dynamic – as well as the Panda and Google Fresh algorithm updates, Google also launched Google Plus Business Pages in 2012. Staying up to date with changes in search is a daunting task even for the most dedicated of SEO professionals. Make it easier by signing up to blog updates, adding yourself to relevant social media pages and participate in forums so you are aware of any recent and relevant changes and updates.

SEO marketing tip: Even if you have hired an SEO agency, it’s ideal that you at least have an understanding of the basic principles of SEO so you can maximize your internet marketing investment.

SEO resolution 5: Hire an SEO consultant

2012 may be the year that you decide to take the next step in growing your business and hiring a professional SEO company. There are many benefits to outsourcing internet marketing and employing a dedicated SEO consultant to optimize your website. Not only can they free up your valuable time and allow you to focus on your core business, they can also draw on a team of talent and pool of resources you may not have access to.

SEO marketing tip: You need to choose your online marketing agency wisely – a cheap SEO company may not always be your best option. Ask business associates and friends and family for referrals or consult industry organizations.

If you have been a bit lax about optimizing your website, you think there is room for improvement or you are considering hiring an SEO company, speak to one of our consultants about the SEO packages and services we have available. Start 2012 on a fresh and new note and write down SEO resolutions or goals for your website that you can incorporate throughout the year – why not start today!