Five Tips to Improve Your Website SEO

Whether you outsource your SEO or focus your efforts in-house, website SEO requires maintenance.

Website SEO – 5 Top Tips to Improve Your Search Results

Your website SEO plays a vital role in your content strategy and marketing and promotions campaigns. Whether you have outsourced your Search Engine Optimisation marketing or focusing your efforts in-house, it is important to know the basics of SEO and have a cohesive approach with all your communication tools. Here are 5 key SEO housekeeping tips to help you with the ongoing maintenance of your website.

Web SEO Tip #1 – Create a content schedule

Set a weekly schedule where you update content on your website, publish a blog post and update your social media networks. The more you update your website with interesting and relevant content, the more encouraged Search Engine spiders will be to crawl your website.

Web SEO Tip #2 – Develop a link-building strategy

Set aside at least half an hour to an hour three times a week to build your link profile. This time could be dedicated to blogging on relevant websites, writing guest posts, or writing great content for your website that other websites will want to link back to.

Web SEO Tip #3 – Ongoing keyword research

Keywords are dynamic and search trends evolve continuously, so what keyword a customer may use for Web searches now, might change in six months’ time. Use keyword research tools to monitor your keyword strategy, expand your list of keywords and optimize your website accordingly.

Web SEO Tip #4 – Analyze your website statistics

Ideally, web statistics should be monitored weekly to track your statistics and understand better how users are interacting with and navigating your website. You can use this information to improve the usability and functionality of your website and expand your keyword strategy.

Web SEO Tip #5 – Optimize your page content

Depending on how large your website is or how time critical the information is on your website, you should review your Web pages every three to six months. This involves:

  • checking content to make it is up to date
  • checking to see whether there are new opportunities to add content
  • checking for broken links and that you are not linking to bad neighbourhoods
  • checking that anchor text contains a variance of keywords

Optimization of your website is an ongoing process but it doesn’t have to be an arduous task. By setting up regular tasks to regularly do an SEO audit of your website, your website will operate at an optimum level. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Web SEO and find out more about our SEO Packages and SEO Services.