Scribe SEO Plugin Review – Hassle Free SEO Copywriting?

Need a hand with your SEO Copywriting? Scribe SEO is a new SEO product that is designed to make Search Engine Optimisation copywriting and publishing simple

Scribe SEO LLC has launched Scribe SEO – a plugin for WordPress that holds your hand through the optimization process for your content, giving you a score out of 100, in your dashboard, before you publish.

Scribe SEO is an SEO product that is designed to make SEO copywriting and publishing simple. It runs a real-time analysis of your page for things like a breakdown of keywords, suggestions for fine-tuning your focus on keywords, a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) preview and an overall score.

If you are outsourcing your content and want to give your copy the SEO once over before you hit the publish button, the Scribe SEO plugin is for you.

Scribe SEO was originally developed for the Thesis Theme for WordPress, however, it also integrates well with the Hybrid theme, the Headway theme and the free All in One SEO plugin.

This SEO tool would be very handy for anyone who outsources their SEO copywriting. You could run this tool before you publish to optimize the content without compromising the creativity of your writer’s style, helping to preserve the natural and creative flow of your content.

The program gives you an analysis of what the search engines think your topic is all about, and then advises of the changes you need to make to better reflect the language used by searchers. The remaining content elements can then be tweaked based on best SEO practices.

These include:

  • page title: keyword usage, keyword placement and word count
  • description: keyword usage, keyword placement and word count
  • body of the text: keyword usage, keyword placement and keyword density
  • hyperlink: Scribe SEO tells you the number of hyperlinks and prominence

There are some common sense rules that still need to be applied, and the first one is to not aim for a perfect score. Agonizing over a perfect 100 points will turn your content into a robotic, boring piece that is likely to backfire and leave you with a newfound list of unsubscribed readers. Take the advice on board, make it fit where it keeps with the natural flow, and make a compromise where it doesn’t in order to preserve the context and quality of your content.

Overall, is it worth the money? If you are pressed for time and have multiple posts and multiple blogs, and you update your content regularly then yes, this is an innovative plugin that has much to offer. However, if you are already an SEO expert, and you are familiar and conversant with SEO copywriting principles, keep your credit card in your pocket. Although plugins like Scribe SEO can be useful, nothing beats great, original content written by an SEO copywriter.

Download a free trial of Scribe SEO, find out more about the Scribe SEO’s plans and prices or read about some other handy SEO plugins for WordPress to optimize your site and boost your website ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Contact us to find out about our SEO packages and SEO services including our professional SEO copywriting services.